overheating in DVP S9000es?

i have my 9000 installed on a shelf in my TV stand. it's somewhat closed off. but not entirely. there is at least 2" of space on all sides of the unit. it got pretty hot in there nonetheless...unless it just runs hot normally?

after playing CD's for most of the day yesterday, i put in a DVD and experienced some major video problems, i.e. digital "block" noise, jerky rate rates, etc. i have never seen these problems before, even with the same DVD disc. the player is running in progressive mode hooked up to my wega HD-ready TV. btw, it played CDs fine the whole time.

any ideas?
I noticed my player was very warm while running a DVD, I wlaked in and the picture all of a sudden had serious problems I turned everythin off and thought I tracked it down to a bad/loose cable on the component out. Mine is in an open rack. As with any component that runs warm I would try to keep as much air around it as possible and hope thats solves the problem.
It seems to only run warm in video mode ?!
I have mine on 24x7 and it runs barely warm to the touch. I am wondering what makes the difference. Do you use any special power cable or power conditioning device?
I've noticed mine is more than warm -- it's hot! It seems only with DVD's, not CD's. When I take a DVD out of it, the disc is very hot. It may be because DVD's are in a lot longer than CD's, so CD's don't get as hot.
A few more things -- Frequently, with just under an hour left in a movie, the frame stops dead for a split section, then continues without problem.
Also, it seems that I have to hit the remote button twice to activate a function other than "Play." Other times, I barely brush my hand across the remote reaching for something else and apparently activate the "Stop" or "Pause." Sometimes I have to hit the power button several times to get it to turn on.
Just before seeing this post, I had decided to call Sony tomorrow about taking it in for warranty check. There's a Sony factory repair place about 40 minutes from me.
It's too bad, because the thing plays great. I run the audio through an Audio Alchemy DTI-EDP combo to my pre-processor and get great 2-channel and 5.1 sound. The picture on my Runco DTV-5800 is also superb.
Ncarv, I've had this same issue with the frame pausing momentarily, and will also occasionally get some very brief digital artifact about halfway through the movie. My player doesn't run excessively warm, but I look forward to hearing what your Sony dealer tells you.... Otherwise, the picture and sound has been amazing on a Pioneer RPTV with Snell surround system.
I also have a 9000es. It does run warm, but so does all my better equipment. -Especially the digital devices. That momentary pause approx half-way through the movie is the layer change. This is normal for most DVD players. As for the buttons'reaction time, have you tried alternate display modes? I've noticed that it takes one button push to bring the display up and a second button push to do the requested function. If the display is already on, then only one button push is necessary. Reagarding heat, I have also noticed playing DVDs make the unit warmer. This could be due to the additional D/A converters required for playback. It seems to run coolest when the Video Off and Digital Off settings are selected. I have had mine since Oct 2000 (w/ a low ser#)and have never had a problem yet. Best Regards, Aaron
I think the pause midway thru the disk is the read head refocusing and reversing to play the second half of the program. What I'm saying is that a DVD can only hold one hour of program from the inner "groove" to the outer then it has to reverse to play the second hour (outer to inner). I've gotten the artifacts you mention but only with dirty disks.
Use a high quality disk cleaning machine (like a Nitty Gritty) to clean-before-play. Finally, this machine draws a lot of current (blows the fuse in my Tice Micro-Block power conditioner) but feels only warm to the touch playing CD's (will try DVD next time).
Don-Well I was curious about your query so I watched the Godfather part II last evening, the unit didn't get any warmer then when I started. I have not shut mine off in about 4 months and it maintains the same temp, regardless of what I watch/listen too. You don't by any chance have it above your VK-75 do you? that would make it HOT. Either way it seems unusual, we can't agree on this one.

My dealer also said the momentary pause is the layer change. He suggested, though wasn't sure, that the additional heat may be due to the additonal laser for the video (are there TWO separate lasers?) or the different angle of the video laser, but admitted he was only guessing. He also suggested I bring my remote in and test it on a store model to see about the need to press twice. The problem is particularly noticeable on the open/close and the pause buttons.
Another dealer I saw later in the day, who doesn't sell the unit but personally performs an audio upgrade on the unit by reconstructing the analog stage for $1500 (Yes! $1500! He said it makes the unit a world beater with no need for an outboard DAC), thought it might be because DVD's spin faster than CD's, but he wasn't sure either.
I'm going to call Sony direct on this.
BTW, Lowell, I'm also using all Snell for surround.
tim, it's not close to the vk-75 but it is directly above the vk-30, which also generates a fair amount of heat. i'm sure that's not helping the situation. nonetheless, the sony definitely gets hotter when spinning DVDs, as opposed the CDs (or that funky demo SACD). i guess i may have to give in eventually and cough up the $$$ for a standalone rack. ugh...racks are boring upgrades.

is it possible that the maze of cicuits in the sony gets more efficient after break-in, i.e. runs cooler?