Outlaw RR2150 Receiver Power Cord?

I was reading through the manual and noticed that it says NOT to use any other power cord except the one provided with amp. Most, if not all companies have encouraged replacing their stock cords. Why would Outlaw Audio discourage owners from using an aftermarket power cord? I have been using an aftermarket power cord for a few months now with this receiver with no issues it has actually improved the sound in my setup.

Any other owners using an aftermarket power cord with this receiver?
I have been using an aftermarket power cord since I purchased the RR2150 six years ago. I never noticed the line in the manual and was surprised when I saw it (bottom - page 16). Can't honestly say that it has had a negative effect on the sound.

Thanks Rich, caught me by surprise also ... amazing receiver for the price!
Call them and ask why. Maybe they are trying to save you some money.
"Most, if not all companies have encouraged replacing their stock cords. "

Say What?? Think about this.
yes Rok2id, I agree, ... bad choice of words!
I have seen the statement to not replace power cord from a number of manufacturers. When I asked one why, they stated too many customers used cords that did not meet proper specs and could potentially damage gear. They did not say that a good after market cord would not improve performance. And other companies do recommend a better power cord.
Good point Jl35, thanks.
Supposed your local BMW dealer told their customers that the first thing they should do after buying a 7 series, is to go get some decent tires to put on it. That's my point.
very good point indeed Rok2id ... thanks again.
Though many auto manufacturers do offer different tire options at different price points.
The manufacturers say they are often in a tough spot, wanting to include a good cord, but knowing many/most owners will not use it.
I think their solution will be to not include a cord at all. At least on the ultra high-end stuff. They cannot say one PC is better than another for their product, that would cause an uproar like never seen before.
I totally agree Rok2id. And out of curiosity I looked, and the basic BMW 7 series sedan offers tire option upgrades beginning at $1300.00
I put a $99 Venom 3 cord by Shunyata Research on my Dad's Outlaw 2150. He loves it so much, he bought another one for his NAD 326BEE. These cords are UL certified, so no worries. They beat or equal cords costing 5 times the price. (see Stereophile's review..Budget product of the year.)