Ortofon/Ear 834p

I currently have a Scout TT with a Clearaudio, Virtuoso Wood cartridge that runs through my Ear 834p phono amp. Sound is good but the audiofile in me is always looking for the next notch. I have been offered a super deal on a Ortofon Windfield cartridge (top of the line) for 1/2 normal price. I really hate to pass on this oportunity but I'm not sure my phono amp will be adaquate for this cart. It is MM and MC but I have never used a MC before and don't know the in's and outs of this setup. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I'm clueless.
Not sure about the ortofon, but your phono stage is wonderful. It should be able to handle it just fine.
(and, just my two cents, but anything is better than the clearaudio :) )
I have the Ortofon Jubilee and EAR 834P deluxe. Great synergy and sounds great.

I would say the Windfeld would be excellent as well. If you have never used the MC stage, put plenty of hours on it before coming to any final conclusions as the transformer need to break in.

let us know how the Windfeld sounds if you get it.

good luck
I looked over the specs of the Ortofon, and it should be an excellent match with both your EAR 834p and your VPI tonearm (I'm assuming its a JMW9.) The EAR in MC mode has enough gain for any cartridge (approx. 68db). The Ortofon is a heavy cartridge (13.0g), but it does track heavy too (2.3 - 2.8 grams) so it should be easy to dial in the VTF. Compliance is 16, which puts it in the desirable range of the JMW 9 arm.

Thanks for your responses guys. The only problem I am seeing with this match is that I can't dial in the impediance for best performance of this cart. Not sure what this might add if I could do that but it is a factor.
What are your views? Thanks again for addressing my learning curve here.


Ortofon Windfield sounds excellent through the Ear 834p. Took me a long time to set up but once it was done, the wow factor was there. I use the Mint Tractor to dial it in and results were great. The only downside is that to get good sound it takes 3/4 of the dial on muy Cary SLP05.

Why so much on your preamp volume control, I wonder? Doesn't the 834P have like ~70dB gain in MC mode? What is the available preamp gain on your Cary?
The 834p has 68dB of gain and the Cary SLP 05 has 10dB of gain. The Cary is a great pre but a little lacking in the gain dept.


How does the Windfeld sound??


The Windfield sounds really great. The old vinyl that I'm used to hearing is at a completely new level. I'm, still playing around with the VTA and VTF to get the best sound but it's miles above the Clearaudio woods that I have been using. Seems to be a much better mate for this arm.