Original cd-a8t

Just picked up one of these and it sounds great. Wondering if anyone else has any experience with Original, not a lot of info to be found on the web
Those Chinese players with the tube outputs, ie, MHZS, Doge, Vincent, Shanling, etc, are generally pretty good. Usually quite smooth and free of the digital harshness most people complain about. Pacific Valve is open or opening again and they offer a wide range of very good Chinese products.
I've had a CD-A8T for nine years now. It's decent out of the box but responds really well to modifications. If you really want to hear what it can do, pull out the 12AU7 tubes and replace them with the E80CC. The model can handle the increased current that tube requires. You will be amazed at the improvement. Both the Tungsram silver pin and the Amperex gold pin E80CC's improve the player significantly.

My model has discrete op amps and upgraded capacitors and diodes as well.

The only weakness of the player from a longevity standpoint is the transport. The Philips VAM-1202 is a low budget transport and the quality of replacement parts for the 1202 is very inconsistent. I replaced the lens and mechanism on my Original CD-A8T after six years of use, and it plays better now but still struggles at times with discs that my Oppo BDP-105 has no issues at all when playing.

Having said that, the Original after modifications is a better sounding player for 2-channel material than my Oppo. And I got the Original for $516.00 back in '06.
Don't know if it's available anymore, but that Original Luciano model sure was a good looking machine!