Optical Vs. Coaxial Digital - Which Interconnect?

I have both connections to my preamp and have read different things about both types. I recently began improving my interconnects and speaker cables and there was some obvious improvement in the sound.

Anybody have any thoughts on coax vs. Optical digital connection to dac/preamp or any web links to articles?
you should look this up in the archives. You'll find many threads. All the high-end companies recommend coaxial connections, but there were a few people writing in that claim optical sounds better. Remember that the signal has to be converted to optical and back again on the other end. That has got to add noise and jitter. I prefer coaxial.
Coaxial, hands down winner!
I disagree. Using a glass ATT optical connector (e.g. Audioquest optima), IMHO, sounds better into a ML 380S compared to coax.
My gut tells me coax and I typiclly make that connection. However I just got a dish and toslink is the only available digital connection. The is really great. However, it isn't really much of a test. I have a/b this on my main system and coax proably wins out. Not a big win.
Well, there is optical and optical. Toslink (AKA Trashlink) is pretty bad. AT&T is an entirely different matter. It can be better that coax. Then there is Theta's Single Mode (AKA LaserLinque) which blows everything else away. Unfortunately it is only available on Theta equipment and is a $2000 option. Someday I'll find out were they get it and add it to my Theta transport and DAC. Theta did not invent it. It is also an AT&T invention.
6moons.com did a comparo of all digital connections. I am using toslink, and it is the second best digital cable I've used. This toslink is made of glass btw, which is a lot smoother sounding than plastic ones. Also, optical connections involve an additional conversion stage, digital pulse to optical then back to digital pulse, so whether optical cables will work for you depends on the quality of the optical converters in your trans and dac. I use Meridian, and they seem fine.
I recently had a long discussion with the folks at Audioquest about this same subject. My question was what did the recommend I use between my Cal Delta and my MSB DAC3
unit. What I was lloking for was an interconnect recommendation, but was somewhat stuned with their reply. The said to give the "Optilink 4" a try as the Delta has an exceptional convertor to use with the cable. Well a couple weeks later I ran accross a mint used one for $50, and said to myself "what the heck!"
I noticed a distinct difference right away. The sound was much smoother; like it took the edge off everything. There seems tobe just a little bit more bass, but maybe the highs have rolled off a tad. Still it's unique, and not unpleasant to listen to.
It is system depedent! Most systems do sound better with coax but there are a few systems that do sound better with optical. If you can, try both and let your ears decide for you!