which balanced preamp to recomend?

Which balanced preamp(active or passive, valve or solid state) can you recommend to replace First Sound Presence Deluxe mkII?---up to $3000 new or used please. Am looking to retain as much of the detail, dynamics, neutrality and liquidity of the FSP pre(which is active, valve and linestage only). Reason being to run a full balanced system from cdp to amps.

Thanks for any ideas you may have.
people love the Herron preamps, which i think are balanced and in your price range.
Herron preamps are single ended only. A used Atma-Sphere MP-3 probably could be found within your price range and is fully balanced.
I have a Herron VTSP1a and it's completely single ended. Perhaps his new preamps have XLR connectors but not the original model.
the sonic frontiers line 3 is what gets my highest recomendation. and under your budget to boot!
Used Krell KRC-HR.
i sit corrected, the Herron is only SE. Anyway, it's still a great preamp. Back to your question. OK, how about the Ayre K-1x, which used is close to your target price, and it has a nifty remote!
bat...take your pick... vk30, vk30se, vk50, vk31se... the question is which tube do you want to run...

nice build quality, xcellent sonics, great service, and upgradeable...
Aer, in your price range I would recommend either the BAT VK-31SE or the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 (SE). The SF being slightly more neutral, the BAT being slightly more dynamic.

Rowland Synergy IIi (Fully balanced and liquid smooth) or the newer Rowland Preamp (older one has the external power supply)

*** I have one for sale as I'm upgrading to a DAC with Volumn control ****