Optical /Toslink

I'm connecting my Apple Tv to my Cambridge DacMagic and I want to use a good grade optical/toslink cable. The grade of cable that I currently use elsewhere in my system is Kimber Hero, 8TC and D60. I know very little about optical and I'd appreciiate your recommendations to shortcut the learning curve.
I don't know if quality of toslink makes difference with DacMagic (it doesn't with my Benchmark DAC1) but you can purchase (I did - just in case) very high quality inexpensive glass toslink here:

The Van den Hul Optocoupler should be on your list. I also had a good experience with the cable that Kijanki recommends above. For $30, you can't go wrong.
I second the VDH Optocoupler.

Review (supposedly the WireWorld Super Nova is good too):


I use the Wireworld Supernova 5+ Glass to connect my Apple TV to the DAC in my Supernait. I think the main point of distinction is to use a toslink cable with glass rather than plastic fibres.
I have had very satisfying results with Impact Acoustics quartz-glass fiber (Sonic Wave Toslink). Spring loaded collets for a good pressure fit, very nice build quality.
I have good results with this Monoprice offering for the unbelievable low price of $3.98 for a 3footer:


Note, check out the heavy metalic connector ends and overall build quality.