Opportunity 105 US model, Can I use it in Europe? Czech Republic?

Hello, does anyone know if the my Oppo 105D will work in Europe with Pal & 50hz power. Is it switchable?
will it work if I get a step down 220v -115V transformer?
Will Tidal work in Europe, Netflix etc,
Thank you.

Sorry the headline is wrong and I cannot edit that. 
they do have a 220v switch, but you should contact Oppo customer service as I do not see a 220 IEC
Um, I wouldn’t ... you have issues like DVD and BD zones, etc.

Look at the rear panel though, it may say it will take any voltage.
There's a switch on the back. I bought my 105D when I lived in Europe and then moved to the US and changed the voltage switch. No problems. Tidal works fine. A few native apps (mine has UK specific apps like BBC) may not work but I always found the Oppo interface horrible so tried to use as little as possible.