czech tube amp

a couple of weeks ago there was a czech made tube amp or pre.
the manufacturer was not only making amps, pres and new tubes, but also rolling their own new designs.
they had an old russian assembly line.  I can't remember the name.
Ring a bell for anyone?

Was it Canor?

nope.  they made their own tubes as well on old russian gear but were rolling new tubes, based on the info on their site.
I thought it might be these guys
but the page didn't ring a bell as there was reference to the about page to the tube designer at the company, but perhaps their page has changed in the interim few weeks.
KR audio makes some of their own tubes & if I remember correctly at least one of the tube designs was unique to them,
it's KR.
Try JJ electonics. This is the old Tesla brand and they make some sexy amps!
That is JJ Electronics........sorry for the typo!
JJ as well, but pretty sure it was KR I'm thinking of.