Oppinions on the Thiel 2.3's

Looking for feedback from people who have owned these beautiful speakers, including what your driving them with.

Also wondering if any Thiel experts out there know when Thiel started using the updated high/mid range driver that was supposed to tame the shrill highs of earlier releases?

Save your money. Thiel is updating the 2.3 to the 2.4 in a month or so.
Currently driving mine with Sim Audio Moon W-5. Previously used Bryston 4B-ST.

I would email Thiel. They should tell you at what serial number they changed to the newer drivers.
I've owned the Thiel 2.3's in the past. And I'd own them again, sure. They do need a very strong, high current amp to make em come alive dynamically. They also do well with an active preamp. I think solid state high current amps work well with them, but you need some tubes in the preamp. I think this combo is best and most practical for a wide varriety of source material. If you do HT, it's a no brainer mostly(I take it back, if you set em as "small" for HT, you could do tube amp). Infact, for HT, I've found no better Thiel than these! They have good pressence, and aren't so laid back sounding throughout the "pressence region". I've tried all the Thiles for HT, and the 2.3's just seem to do it better...my experiences anyway.
If the deal was right, I'd recommend picking em up and giving em a try! I think you'll not likely be dissapointed with proper matching gear and set up. They're nice speakers...just not perfect...like every other speaker...but still refined, clear, detailed, open, and pretty dynamic with the right amp!
good luck
I'd agree with the above (have had mine for about 4 years), but rather than shying away from the 2.3 due to the impending 2.4, I'd encourage you to stay on the lookout for real bargains because the price on used 2.3's is bound to drop even further. As far as I am concerned, picking up bargains by buying last-generation gear just on the backside of the curve is a no-brainer.

I'm currently driving mine with a Bryston 4b-st and a Rogue preamp, but I'm becoming more and more determined to switch out the Bryston for either a Plinius SA-100 or a Rowland Model 2. That said, I've got some new power cords on the way, and, with any luck, that will satiate my burning need to upgrade my amplification for the time being....
I concur with the above two posters. Though I haven't yet heard the 2.4s, I can't imagine the updates are worth twice that of a used pair of recent 2.3s.

Yes, a high current solid state amp with a 4ohm power rating double its 8 ohm rating and full stability into 2ohms is essential for the spkrs to sound anywhere near their potential. Actual rated amp power is more a function of your room size and listening level preferences.

Thiel has the serial # after which the new coaxes were installed by the factory - call them.

Finally a tube preamp can help if it doesn't obscure too much detail, and having 'cool' cables makes a difference as well. They're not so bright and sizzly at the very top end so much as the upper mids/lower treble can be a bit exagerrated and/or harsh with poor recordings or equipment. A listening room on the dead side helps out as well...
Thanks everyone. I picked up a pair of brand new demo 2.3's from my local dealer for 3k. I called Thiel with the serial numbers and they confirmed that they were made in Sept. 2002 and shipped out to my dealer in Dec. They were only on the floor for 2 months when they were sold to me. They have the latest drivers and crossovers installed.

I could not be happier with the purchase!!!