Opinions on Siltech Paris or London speaker cables

I can't find any reviews on these cables, and was hoping someone has experience with them and will share his/her opinion.I currently have the Paris ICs and am very happy with them.Very detailed but never harsh.My system consists of Vincent cd player,Rogue pre [both tubed],Hibatchi monoblocks,Sunfire cinema ribbons,DefTech subwoofer.I listen to acoustic and electric rock and blues and would like my speaker cables to help tame the often times overly sibilant recordings without rolling off the treble[ex. Cardas]I'm currently using a double run of 16 gage Belden for a "place holder" since changing things around in the listening room.They don't sound too bad, but I know I can do better.My old cables were silver plated copper and don't work well with the Sunfires.The upper midrange became too forward.