Opinions on Possible New Set Up

Well, I have a bad case of upgrade-itis. I’ve been thinking that since my room is pretty small (9x10x8), is well treated, and I listen at low volume anyway, that I may not need such big speakers (B&W N804s) and powerful amp (MF A300cr - 225 wpc). Thinking of going for a pair of Stirling Broadcast LS3/5A V2 and a Pass Labs XA25. Preamp is a BAT VK-3i. Any thoughts on this possible new set up?
Have you given any thought to a state of the art Headphone system?  It would probably give you more satisfaction....
Headphones just ain't my bag.
BTW, I'm also running a JL Audio e110 subwoofer through the high pass, so loss of bass should not be an issue.
Our S-30 drives LS35as quite nicely! The LS35as are very tube friendly and you don't need a lot of power; i'd really consider a small tube amp of some sort...