Opinions on best Audiophile magazine

What is your favorite Audio magazine?
I have always read stereophile, but recently picked up a june/july issue of TAS and was very pleased with it's format. I will continue to compare the two. Good reading
"Bound for Sound"---though not a magazine actually, but a report. No advertisements, hence, no B.S. and no butt-kissing of the same tired old list of big-buck, full page layout paying, marquee names, year in and year out. A breath of fresh air!
If you want fluff and bull and reviews that are bought and paid for with full page adds.read stereophile.The biggest load of bunk on the planet.I love Bound for Sound no adds just the truth.UHF out of Canada is also a vey good mag.Almost no advertising and the editor clearly states any possible conflicts of interest.If you want to be led down the garden path get your sub to Stereophile.