One receiver for music also

I have a NAD 356 amp with Sttaf speakers and a Denon 2300 reciever with gallo speakers for home theater. It seems a little over kill to have two systems (probably not to the folks here) so what kind of hone theater receiver would I need to get a comparable sound for my Sttafs with the 356? I'd like to just have a single source and okay the hone theater through the staffs. 


Not sure of your $$$ budget so I am taking a shot here.  If you like the sound of NAD, then I would say one of their AVRs like the T-777 or T-787.  Both have plenty of grunt to drive most speakers out there.  They don't come equipped with "all" the modern up to date features but they are module designed so you can have the new 4K boards installed if you wish.  Other modules available also.

Also you could look into the T-758 V3 which comes equipped with 4K capabilities and Dirac Live room correction/EQ.

I have Live Dirac on PC with music streamed through Roon and Tidal, and music and movies with full DTS-MA (2 ch) played through Jriver. No paying crazy money for black boxed room correction (think pre-pros and receivers) with sub par dacs,  audio sections and correction.

Takes a little tinkering but is so worth it. Dirac is $500 with minidsp mic assuming you have a capable PC. Jriver and Roon isn't too much either.