One receiver for music also

I have a NAD 356 amp with Sttaf speakers and a Denon 2300 reciever with gallo speakers for home theater. It seems a little over kill to have two systems (probably not to the folks here) so what kind of hone theater receiver would I need to get a comparable sound for my Sttafs with the 356? I'd like to just have a single source and okay the hone theater through the staffs. 



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I have Live Dirac on PC with music streamed through Roon and Tidal, and music and movies with full DTS-MA (2 ch) played through Jriver. No paying crazy money for black boxed room correction (think pre-pros and receivers) with sub par dacs,  audio sections and correction.

Takes a little tinkering but is so worth it. Dirac is $500 with minidsp mic assuming you have a capable PC. Jriver and Roon isn't too much either.