One of my speakers sounds louder then the other.

I have a pair of totem staff speakers running through a naim amp and pre-amp and one speaker sounds louder then the other
If your speakers had equal volume at one time and you recently made a change causing you to move any of your equipment, check to make sure all cables are secure.
I would clean all of your connections; speaker cables, IC's. Tighten the screws on all the drivers so that they're snug and evenly torqued.

Is your room symmetrical? Try swapping sides with the speakers.
Begin reversing interconnects and speaker cables to isolate the problem.

It may not be the speaker.
Just swap speakers and see if the problem moves with the speaker, if it does then you will know that the speaker is the problem.
Okay, the obvious.......did you check the balance control?
Also check the position of the speakers in the room as well as differences in reflective surfaces/distances between left and right.

Asymmetrical configurations can cause one speaker to appear louder than the other even if they are actually the same volume.
Not trying to be tacky but has hearing possibly changed?