old zz top recordings

I think i tell of on my age when I say that we use to listen to the very first zz as albums and 8 track. Rio grand mud, fandango, first album are some of the best music out there if you youngsters never heard ( but dont call me an old fart I can hang with the best of ya, and I like alternative and female rr)

BUT is there any cd's of zz that are not remastered that sound like there in a coffee can? The old ones really kicked and if you ever heard the old you hate the new ones. The only recording Ive heard is off the armagedion sound track and it sounds correct.
Am I the lone ranger.
go purchase the first six album box set on CD "ZZ Top Six Pack" sounds good to me. also try "Delguello"
NO! have mercy, you are not the Lone Ranger, I agree with you completely. The remasters suck bad compared to the originals, but then so does everything they have put out since the release of sixpack (Rev. Willie G. signed copy). I don't know about other CD's. I would love to get First Album and RIo Grande Mud in the nonremastered mode, my Sixpack version of these two albums has gone just about everywhere I have gone and no longer functions properly (e.g., 'Just got back from baby's' will not play past 2 minutes). It's hammered.

But Mejames is right too, you have to get DeGuello. It isn't on the sixpack because I think ZZ doesn't own the rights to it or something. There is something funny going on with it anyway, I had to buy a german import and it cost a bunch. Of all I got , it's my favorite *because* it hasn't been resampled. Try gemm.com, if there are original releases out there, someone on there will have them for sale.
You are correct, sir! The remasters sound terrible to me, the sound is not what we had and enjoyed back in the good ol' days. Unfortunately, when the cds were released, I remember reading a quote from Bill Ham (their producer) where he claimed the remaster sound was what they had originally intended, and they were happy to finally give us that mix. Say it ain't so! I can't believe that, something must have happened in the production. Of course, listening to their later music (i.e. anything after Deguello) which sounds like doo doo, they might be right.

That awful sound is one of my main driving forces in getting a table and seeing just how bad my original lps are. (You know what can happen with that beer drinkin' music.)
J_thunders> There is a product called "wipe out" which is supposed to fix scratched cd's. Might be worth a try.
Get a vinyl rig! Problem solved! Everything will sound better, not just ZZ Top. Stevie Ray, Robert Cray, Albert King, all of 'em. The Rega Planar 3 with the RB 300 and a Grado or Blue Point cartridge, for example, is cheap, and killer. There are other record players out there that sound great and can be had for about $1,000. I'll bet you can find all those records pretty easily and for $5 each. You shouldn't spend another nickel on equipment until you fix this hole.
Tried a turntable once. All it did was make horrendous noises and scratch the CDs. Not a good solution at all... >;-)>
You are right about the remasters. There are two ZZ Top Six Pack sets on auction at ebay right now. Heartland America sells a CD polisher that does work on those party CD disasters.
The "greatest hits" album has some great sounding cuts, this is 1992 release 18 tracks, most sound quite good.
There are a couple of glaring exceptions that really sound bad like "tush" sounds like cheap mono track.

Other classic tracks like "legs" "cheap sunglasses" sound
remarkably good for main stream rock material.

Have not heard "six pack" set or individual remasters.
Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately, it is not the acrylic that is scratched on the first disk, it is the aluminum layer and it's spent.

No to vinyl. I went through my last vinyl collection one Texas afternoon after I ran out of clay pigeons, that was and is the end of that.
I have some old ZZ Top LP's that sound awesome! I havent heard a ZZ Top CD that comes close.I still cant figure out why people continue to agonize over being unable to get great (analog) sound.Look at the less than happy arrival of SACD. It was supposed to sound like good analog.I will keep my analog front end and continue to buy used LP's for next to nothing while the anti-vinyl continue their quest for good sound.
For me ZZ Top’s CD’s will never sound as good as the LP’s back in the 70’s. I am not STONED or DRUNK and now I will hear all tops and nicks in the wrapped vinyl platters.
Hey dude, hand me a penny to weight down the needle so it won’t skip.
Kelton this has all been said before & you certainly aren't alone bro. The old ZZ lp's rocked hard: tight band & rock-solid slam! The artificial ambience which was added into the remasters completely ruined that magic - what a letdown. IMO those CD's are only good for one thing... skeet practice
Great thread - glad I checked it out cause it has definitely saved me some cash. I second a post above the greatest hits disc sounds pretty good. Put on "got me under pressure" after a long day and crank and you won't be mad anymore!
they made a bunch of 12" singles and they put oldies like lagrange as the B side. Most were pressed in england but you can easily get the german pressings. They tend to be longer versions as well.