OL Silver , Shelter 501- Looking for phonostage ?

I'm new to analog but i've just purchased a Teres 255
turntable origin live silver arm and shelter 501 cartridge...now i need a phonostage.
i'm looking at purchasing a Black Cube SE (with the bigger power supply) used for around 450, or a used Pass Labs Aleph Ono for around a $1000.
i like the idea of being able to connect the phonostage to my pre amp using xlr's on the pass labs, but does it really worth the extra dough?
in the under $1000 range do you think that there is another phonostage that can outperform the two mentioned above?
Thanks in advance for your help.
With your preamp, I'd strongly consider a BAT vkp5. I used to own one, now have a p10. That P5 was great and can be found for around 1k used. xlr outs. The xlr will help some...but the better phono stage is a bigger payoff than the xlr outs. With your cartridge and table, you'll hear a big diff with either the Pass or BAT vs the black cube...
sounds like a nice deal but i really can't find any vkp5's
on audiogon ...
any leads here?
i thought about installing vkp3 into my vk40 but i decided not to, cause then you get stuck with it and it has no resale value, and i believe it would be inferior to an outboard phonostage.
I have Shelter 901 and tried a number of different phono stages(about a dozen different ones costing $900 to $3k retail). I really like the sound of ARC PH3(regular or SE) in my system with Shelter 901.
I second the BAT VKP5 recommendation. I heard it in an all BAT system and it was very dynamic with a very low noise floor for a tubed unit. I suppose the balanced connection had something to do with it. I had a VK3i with the plug in phono board and it was very good and quiet (of course it was solid state), but was no for the outboard BAT.
If you don't mind using tubes, VK-P5 will work much better with your preamp than ARC PH3. I had both in my system with VK-5i. There is no contest.
Pass great phonostage also, but given your BAT preamp I would look for a P5 - somebody will be selling eventually. Just wait.
I third the bat vkp-5 as your main choice, I will give you some encouragement they can be found here. I found one for 50 bucks more than your upper range.(it was about a 9.5 in condition). Heres the bad part be patient for it took me about 1 1/2 months to get one. The problem is only 56db of gain and I beleive the ono has 76db of thus makeing it a better choice w/ the shelter 501 .4mv
i'm going to pick up a pass aleph ono tomorrow 10 miles away from where i live (queens,ny) and i love it! (no ups fedex nightmares cash and carry kinda thing) streching my budget a tad
but hey, its not TOO bad ..
vkp - 5 could have been wonderfull and even look great with my vk -40 linestage but knowing pass products, i have a feeling i will not be disappointed.
god bless you all for helping.