Modwright,SWP9.OSE,Audio research PH-7 phonostage

Hi,Except the price differences in the 2units,has anybody compared the two pieces.I am using a phono card in my Arcam AV-8(which is fine),quite interested in the two units.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated,Thanks,Don
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The ARC PH7 is a wonderful sounding phono pre amp. It is close to teh best phono stage i have heard.
Its only real issue is the lowish gain of 57.5db.

If you play music at normal volumes you may be able to get away with using a LOMC - say about .35mv's. However if you please rock n roll and/or loud music there is not enough gain.
then again if you have a medium output MC, the PH7 should have enough gain.

I have not heard the Modwright.