A good adjustable phonostage?

Am I the only one to be overwhelmed by the number of excellent phonostages around, how to choose with so many choices. My current system is:
Origin Live Oasis S /Illustrious/ Koetsu Rosewood Signature
Audio Synthesis Passion phono stage
Conrad Johnson Prem 17 Pre
Pass Lab Aleph 3 power
Living Voice Avatar speakers
Acoustic Zen Silver ref/Hologram cables.
I am happy with the system and the Passion phono stage is very good, but with fixed gain,68db and impedence 47ohms. You probably have'nt come across it, I had'nt till I found it in a 2nd hand add over here in the UK, but it's not adjustable and its nice to be able to experiment. I enjoy Classical, particularly opera which can be quite congested and needs a detailed phono stage. I also enjoy Singer Songwriters/Folk/ Alt Country, so reproducing the voice is important. An obvious choice for a brit is Tom Evans, but, excellent as they are, I do'nt find them musical. To cap it all, it needs to be smallish and light, for reasons of space. So I'm not asking for much then, small, variable loading, musical but detailed.
Thoughts run to the P75 Dynavector, Aleph ono, but its big and heavy, perhaps the new Sutherland. What do you think, size and weight leaves out most of the valve stages except the EAR. Second hand would be good, I like a bargain. I have a budget up to $2000.
So guys your help would be welcomed yet again

Has anyone heard this :

Have you considered a Plinius M14 which has adjustable gain and impedence for a number within your budget used.