Ok, need help..losing my mind..

Hello goners, I have a dedicated 2 channel with a TB of music, I'm trying to be able to play those files thru my in wall speakers I have throughout the house, those speakers are connected to my Denon avr 988 home theater receiver on the second zone. My preamp on the 2 channel is a maple tree 2ase. I've tried input to output and reverse from the Denon to the maple tree but no luck. I actually had it hooked up before when I had another preamp but have forgotten how I did it, old age. Thanks in advance for any help.
Make sure your second zone has the proper assigned amp. Your Denon might very well think that you have a 5.1 (default).
You must have a DAC of some sort between your music files and your Maple Tree pre-amp. It would make more sense to connect the DAC directly to the Denon (could be either an analog or digital connection), than what you appear to be trying now (connecting an analog pre-amp to the analog inputs of your AVR).