Abbey Roads Studio Closing?

I've heard they have a bunch of Classe Audio gear at the studio. Do you think it will get sold off real cheap or go to some big exec's kids?
EMI is putting it up for sale. Hopefully someone will but it and keep it a studio.
its not a yard sale
02-17-10: Jaybo
its not a yard sale
It eventually will be if the buyer wants to use it for something else. Actually, all that stuff would be auctioned off. Think of what it would fetch as memorabilia.
Its a sign of just how far the music industry has fallen. Those large and great orchestral recording sessions in the UK for all those amazing musicians is now finally coming to an end.

The recording process has completely changed since Abbey road started. The only people that could afford to use these great studios were the big films that needed big orchestral scores. Now even they cannot sustain it. A sad day. It will be saved for a little while I am sure, but it will become a museum or a hobby for someone very wealthy.
You would think the British government would want it for its history.Even the Queen appointed the Beatles Members of the Order of the British Empire.
its not a yard sale
LOL LOL Hey get your red hot studio here...hey kid you say you want to be a recording artist a rocken roll star well have we got the studio for you..its got everything we got mics we got sonex on the wall we got amps big amps we got a pre we got a recording room and to make your little gal happy I tell ya what I'm gonna do if you buy it lock stock and barrel I'll throw in some free gift cards for some free singing lessons over there at the school for no talented singers like the one's singing today...have i got a sale or what?
ownership will change hands yes, but not the end of the road for abbey road.
it is not being sold now. EMI are keeping it for the time being.