Odyssey Stratos- need schematic

I was doing the bias and D.C. Offset on my Stratos extreme amplifier. Little late, little buzzed and I think I shorted out one of the sanken transistors to the bias point with my meter. Long story short 1 channel is out now and I need schematics to give to a local repair shop to fix it. Can anyone help? 
Send it back to the factory!

Do not be a cheapskate, and have it repaired by someone other then the people that designed and built it.
Not trying to be a cheapskate. If it's something fairly simple like I think it is I would like to drop it off and pick it up in a few days instead of not being able to have tunes for probably a month.
Doubtful Klaus has schematics he will share.  It will probably be more like 3 months before you get it back.  I would call Klaus in the late evening as he works nights and see what he says.  If you need to return it to him, pick up a cheap amp here in the meantime to use until your amp comes back.
I not sure the repair time yet. It would all depend on how busy Odyssey is considering they are a pretty small operation. I would probably have at least a hundred in shipping it so that's also another consideration of bringing it to a local repair shop. I've looked online and can't find anything for schematics. Anyone?
I'll give it a few days then probably bite the bullet and say goodbye to my amp for a while.
Go to the Audio Circle.  Klaus hosts a blog there and you can ask other members if they have a schematic.
+1 on don_c55. I have owned Odyssey equipment, actually 3 pieces and I had the Stratos. In the time spent waiting for a reply from Klaus and getting the equipment shipped, fixed and sent back it was not months, it was more than a year. Plus, he did not fix it correctly. I say good luck....maybe you will fair better than I did.