Nottingham Spacedeck Set up?

This is my first high end turn table, I recently upgraded from a pioneer my dad gave me. The table is very nice but I feel it is still lacking something. I did not have it professionally set up as I got it second hand and so far I have just left it how the previous owner had it set up.

I need advice on how to properly set it up.
I feel it needs more bass and fuller vocals.

Here is my setup at the moment
-Space deck/space arm
-Cartrige that came with table I believe it is Nottingham's
-Grado Phono
-Classe CP-50
-Parasound HCA-3500
-Paradigm Reference Studio 80's

(as a further note this system started out as my home theater and I have been slowly breaking it off into its own two channel system, and about two or three years down the road I will get speakers specifically for my 2ch setup)
Maybe if you post where you are located some nice Audiophoole may even offer to come over and help, do you have a protractor ( that and a scale may get you what you want....all the same offer where you are and you may get in home help.....and maybe even a new audiobud.
The pre and amplifier are both lacking in fullness and weight,possibly a cable change is in order,
Chadlinz offers excellent advice. If you have someone nearby that is an experienced vinyl guy, not only could he do it for you, but teach YOU at the same time. This is something you will need to become proficient at if you continue down the analog trail.

I live in Austin TX.
what characteristics did the pioneer have that the spacedeck is lacking? Do you have the ability to compare the two?
You could also contact your local Nottingham dealer and see if they will set it up for you, for a fee of course. Many dealers are happy to charge a reasonable hourly fee in the hopes of getting you loyal to their store and in the "groove" for upgrades. (Pun intended!) The dealer can also service your TT as well.
Just a thought, if a fellow A'goner doesn't step up to help, or you're not comfortable having someone you don't know come over.

I'd recommend Sound Mind Audio here in Austin, TX, as they're great to work with and are a Nottingham dealer. If you'd like an introduction, e-mail me and I'll call them and introduce you or we could stop by together. They do excellent work! Also, I don't mind lending my setup tools and/or service if need be as well.
The latest Acoustic Sounds catalog offers a DVD, by the esteemed Micheal Fremer, that explains turntable setup.

$29.95 (800) 716-3553
I am in Austin too, and actually just sold my Spacedeck to another guy here in Austin, hwever I did not use a Spacearm.
I think your best bet would be Sound Mind Audio and Brian Kurtz, but he does charge for this service to those who haven't purchased their table from him.

Most others that I know who own a Spacedeck locally, actually do not use the Spacearm, don't own the table anymore, or had Brian set it up for them.

Also I assume you have seen the minimal set-up instruction on the distributor's website, but just in case.

But anyhow I would be willing to help you out as much as I can, drop me an email if want.

I bought Scott's (Soliver) Nottingham and he had it set up like a dream, so I would take him up on his offer to help you with it. I have some protractors and other set up gear and I would be happy to come over with him to see what we could do to get yours up to peak performance. If you would like to come over and take a look/listen to mine you are more than welcome. I am in the Westlake area. You can reach me directly at

I feel so useful lol

You should feel useful, it was a great idea and one you don't always think of at first. In the audiophile community we tend to think of ourselves as rare and that there is not going to be someone with the same situation right next door. So Cadence lucked out having another deck close by to compare to and having Scott around who is very knowledgeable about Nottingham decks.

Sorry guys for not repling sooner, I have been at a buisness convention for the last 4 days and had planed on using my computer down there but decided not to when I discovered that the hotel charges 12.95 per day for internet access. Thanks for all the offers for help guys, I will have to take you up on them soon but will have to postpone as I will now be moving within the next 2 months as my landlord will not be renuing my lease. I will repost when I get setup in my new place, and Thanks again.
Let us know when we can help. I have a new (second)tonearm coming for my Nottingham and Brian Kurtz is going to set it up so I may actually learn something by watching him that might help in your situation.

Travis, You said that you have a second arm coming.Did the first arm malfunction? I had my first Ace-Space lock-up on me,and also needed to have it replaced.Was getting your replacement as much fun as it was for me??No one answers their phone/calls weren't returned.Thank goodness my dealer was persistant.