AC power supply for Nottingham Analogue

I'm searching for alternatives to the Wave Mechanic PSU to power my Nottingham Analogue.
Besides that model I only know the PMC from Walker Audio (much more expensive - and price is a concern).
Does anyone have experience in powering a Nottingham using other devices?
Can you say why you are dissatisfied with the Wave Mechanic?  I have never used it, but I did use the Walker Audio PMC with my Notts Hyperspace, and the improvement over no outboard AC supply was "huge".  But nowadays there are many other choices, as well.

I'll be more specific:
So far I've been running my Spacedeck directly from the wall, never used a AC outboard. 
But I will move to a place where the power from the grid is not very stable and I read many good reviews about the Wave Mechanic and also the Walker Audio PSUs. 
My research now as to do with the prices. Right now and for a long while I can't afford the Wave Mechanic. That's why I'm asking if there are other cheaper alternatives. 
Can you DIY?
I use PS Audio Power Plant Premier with my Spacedeck. I plug in it my integrated amp, phono and tape deck too, but you could use it just for the table. I suppose, it's not a full substitute for a dedicated device, but it made quite an improvement in my system. Yeah, I would use Wave Mechanic too, maybe even in combination with the Premier, don't know, if not the cost.
Whatever you choose to buy, in addition to speed (frequency) control look for a unit that will allow you to adjust the output voltage. IME with my Nott. Hyperspace adjusting the voltage to the minimum required to maintain speed is very audible and an improvement. Also, dual phase units (requires rewiring the motor and removing the capacitor) that allows for tweeking the phase (90 degrees nominal) between the two field coils in the motor while helpful is not as important as being able to adjust the voltage.
PS Audio Premier holds the voltage quite steady at 120 or 121. Still everything sounds better after the midnight.
Thank you all for your answers.
After talking to a Nottingham Analogue salesman, I'm going to try the Pro-Ject Speed Box DS. It's a more affordable solution that is proven very good.