Nottingham Owners - Please Help

I have a Nottingham Interspace with a Spacedeck platter. When I first got it (a dealer demo), the motor was generating significant mechanical noise that was audible standing in front of the turntable as well as being carried through to my speakers. Nottingham happily sent me a replacement motor. The new motor is much quieter. However, in between tracks (when there is no music) the same mechanical noise (like a rotating motor) is still somewhat audible. Once the music starts, you can't hear it so there is no real impact to the listening experience. However, for a table of this quality it bugs me knowing that it is there. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

PS (1) I know the noise comes from the motor because I've removed the motor from the table and plugged it in and from the motor the noise eminates. So the problem has nothing to do with the belt or platter.

(2) I know that the motor is supposed to vibrate when not spinning. That is not the problem here as the noise is only heard when the motor is spinning.



I have not had any motor noise problems with my Nottingham Interspace TT, although the housing does clearly vibrate at standstill. I did find a slight deepening of bass and increased microdynamics by placing three mouse pads under the motor housing. As a suggestion, you might want to try this cheap tweak isolation ($3.00) to see if it reduces your motor noise problem.
I have a Spacedeck and have experienced no such problems of any kind. I was going to suggest that you make sure that the motor assembly is not touching the pillar of the stationary pod, thinking you might be introducing some type of vibration-related effect. But, you say that there is audible "noise" when the motor is plugged in separately. I have heard (or not heard) on the order of a twenty or so Nottingham motors and have not heard noise of any kind from any of these assemblies - Interspace, Spacedeck, Hyperspace, Anna, and Mentor. The fact that you say the noise transfers through your speakers is, indeed, puzzling. I wonder if it is actually an issue with tonearm leads and the sound you hear is not really related to the motor.

You will find only a small number of 'Not owners who post here. I would suggest posting on the AA board, where there are quite a few more. You might also contact a couple of the large 'Not dealers (i.e. Larry at Hollywood Sound) to see what has been their experience. I would suggest ASL, the U.S. distributor, but would wager large dollars that your attempts would yield little result. What I would strongly suggest is that you contact Tom Fletcher directly (it will cost you a U.K. phone call) because he is a great guy and will likely answer the call, personally. The number for 'Not should be on your owner's sheet. If not, e-mail me and I will provide it.
Replace the motor with the Origin Live DC motor.
Hi End Audio, the issue that Mark presents is, to my knowledge, not common to the 'Not motor. The Interspace and Spacedeck motors are identical and have proven, very stable, reliable, and accurate. Or, is your particular experience different? If not, why would he want to shell out for a different motor, out of hand, when there may well be other issues at play?

Mark, with all due respect to Hi End, I;d do a bit more checking around before doling out more cash. While the 'Not quality is very high, as with any manufacturer, there is always the possibility that you've had the misfortune of getting two bad motors. Please check with Tom Fletcher, or others, first.
I had the same model as you do, Mark, and the motor was quiet like Rjones and 4yanx. I am wondering about the tolerance between the TT and the motor, but maybe both motors are from a lame batch. Maybe you've been primed by the first motor to hear excess noise. The height of the motor is set okay? All i know is 4yanx is right - talk to Mr. Fletcher. Good luck
Thanks for the help all.
Hi Mark,

I have the same table and have experienced the same problem. There are times when the motor appears to be buzzing. In addition when the motor is rotating I hear what sounds like a faint clicking sound. I am waiting for a new motor. I hope it works. Otherwise the table is fantastic. Have you tried the tweak with the mouse pads?
My Spacedeck hasn't had any motor problems either.
Someone else to talk to is TONY007 aka Tony Kob, a dealer who sold me my 'Nott and is very helpful and knowledgeable about setup, etc. He might have an idea for you.
I second 4yanx' comment that there are plenty of 'Nott folks on Audio Asylum. Let us know what happens. Spencer
Mine either!

It's absolutely brilliant!

Once you cure your motor prob you'll be smilling like Bill Clinton after a "meeting" with some Japanese business men.