Norah's new album,,FEB 9th. Can she do it again???

Anyone think Norah Jones is capable of dulpicating the success of her first album with her new album "Feels like home"? I heard that she has a song with Willie Nelson and another with Dolly Parton. I hope Norah doesn't go all country on us this time around. Oh well, we'll see.
I cannot stand Dolly, Willie is Cool. I agree about the country thing, she dabbled a little into it on her first album.

However, I think it will be very successful, her voice is very entrancing. I can't wait!

It is guaranteed to sell millions off the back of the popularity of the first record.
I wasn't a masssive fan but I didn't hate it either.
The first one was one of those mass appeal records whose success probably lies in it's simplicity and it's laid back mood.
It'll be interesting to see how she's developed her style.
I loved her first album. Not a great voice, but interesting and non fatiquing. Good material, as well on that album. We'll see. Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson duets? I don't know about that......warren
I wish her well, however, I'm one of those people that dislikes her voice. The quality of the recording was super, it sounded great on my system, but I just couldn't take her voice. Rollercoasters and Nora are similar to me... I want to like them, but I just can't get into them. I agree with Ben above in that it will be a success just off of the momentum of her first CD.
I am surprised that no one ever mentiones the other "Norah
Jones album". Last year an album was released that is called- The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones- New
York City.

The music was recorded in 2000, with some additional work
done in 2003. Norah sang the leads in all but one cut,where
she shared the lead with Malick.

The tunes are more contemperary than on her solo album, my
favorite is Bob Dylans Heart of Mine, from his Slow Train
Comeing lp. It works pretty well with Jones' voice.

The voice work is fairly well done, but the band is pushed
too far back and sounds a bit muted, it sounds better on the car stereo by the way.

As far as her voice goes, I absolutely love it. I have to
say tho, that I am horrified to hear that Dolly is singing
on the new lp, there are few things worse than that high
pitched, nose pinched, hillbilly warble that that woman puts out. I dont dislike her, dont get me wrong, just dont
ask her to sing, please.

Anyhow, if you like Norah, you need to pick up this lp (cd). Even though the recording is not what you would hope
for, the music and the voice are worth the price (got mine
on sale).
Was thinking about picking up the Norah live DVD, I saw her on PBS not long ago a liked that a lot. I have Alison Krauss and Diana Krall live dvd's and both kind of gave me a little different thoughts on the performers than I had formed in my mind from their cd's.

I like Norah's voice a lot, I think she will go far if she wants to.

I'm not so sure she 'did it' last time. I have her CD and I like it, but it's not great. I doubt that it will go down in history as one of the best recordings. I did like to she her grow a little, maybe branch out a little. I would like to hear her Dylan cover, that was a good song.

Good Luck Norah!
Charliee-Dylan's Heart Of Mine actually comes from Shot Of Love.
Sorry to be factual but's Bob....and I know these things.
Ben_campbell- Thanks man, I knew about five seconds after I
hit submit that I had made a mistake. I started to flip thru the lp's to check before hand becouse I had a doubt,
but, I didnt. I used to play his "born again" lp's in heavy
rotation back in the day, shudda known betta.

Who cares? If by "it" you mean sales figures. Personally, I didn't get what any of the fuss was about anyway, song-wise (unmemorable), voice-wise (she just sounds young and generic to me), or sound-wise (this is what self-described audiophiles crave - smoothed-over studio gloss?). Boring MOR-lite if you ask me, no matter who her daddy is or what label she's on...
I have a copy of Norah's version of Dylan's "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight." It's unremarkable. There is some nice instrumental work on her first CD, which is the only reason I listen to it. As others have said, I WANT to like her, but each song is pretty similar and I get bored after 5 or 6 tracks. She is, at least, a respite from all the other pop-crap on the airwaves these days.
My favorite Norah is her covers of "More Than This" by Bryan Ferry and "Day is Done" by Nick Drake on Charlie Hunter's "songs from the analog playground" Everything on her own gets a little pedestrian after awhile....
I concur with Zaikesman here. However, I do believe she is very talented and can only get better with age. After all: she is very young and her voice will surely mature.
did she write any of her original songs?
a singer is only as good as the songs they sing...
so unless she, or the record company has spent the time/money to find quality stuff, vs just running with the new hot name "norah jones"...
She co-writes on the occassional number but it's one of her band that writes the majority of the original stuff.
I don't think it matters Geoff the next record will sell off the back of the original anyway.

On a side note I bought the last Outkast CD this week-really quite impressive and musical-Norah Jones guests on this album on a more acoustic track.
Outkast are in the Rap/Rn'B field but this double CD has impressed me,not unlike the type of eclectic mix Prince did on Sign O'The Times.
Ecclectic, get better with age? Some do and some don't. I really loved the young Barbra Streisand, the freshness and power of her voice. Did she improve? I don't think so, just bigger production values in her recordings. I find much of her later stuff extremely boring. I agree with Zakes and you that the first album is not too great. I wanted to like it and tried but after struggling through the 3rd listening I gave up. Her voice is pleasant, it just doesn't hold my interest. I can think of numerous artists with great early albums that never held their promise with Whitney Houston at the very top.