Non-Fatiguing bedroom system?

Hi All!

Can anyone advise for a nice non-fatiguing bedroom system?

Maybe something with self powered speakers, or small speakers with a tube amp?

Currently I have B&O Beolab 3 connected to an apple express (new version) – nice and dynamic but I find it fatiguing.

Appreciate your advice!!
BTW I forgot to note my budget would be 1 to 2k (unless i fall in love!)

I have an office system that I think meets most, if not all, of your requirements. I spend more time listening to it than my main system, often for most of a day and never tire of it.

Jolida FX10 EL84 tube amp
Simaudio 100D DAC
JohnBlue JB3 single driver speakers

The source is an iMac connected by its digital optical output to the Simaudio DAC.

Even though the FX10 output is 10 watts and the JB3s are relatively inefficient the sound level in my 10'x12' office is more than adequate and I never have the volume control above 10 o'clock.

The JB3s are beautifully built and image like crazy, even though most pictures don't show them, they do have black round grills to cover the driver if you want to make them less conspicuous. They have surprising bass for such a small speaker, I've never been tempted to add a sub in that environment.

I did open up the FX10 amp and clip the leads to the blue LEDs under the tubes that I found distracting and, frankly, silly. I don't use the glass enclosure, either.

I bought everything used for less than $1K, not counting the iMac, but even if you bought everything new you'd be under your $2K limit.
Can’t think of a better place for a fatiguing system. :-)

How about a NAD316Bee driving a pair of Pioneer SP22 speakers. At less than $500 leaves $$$ for source.
If the speakers absolutely must be powered, the only thing that I can think of are the Meridian M33's. I have some, and they don't sound like any other Meridian speaker. They work best with wall mounts. You can use stands, but the wall is a cleaner solution for those speakers.

Thanks for your system outline - i like it. I like what i read about these speakers, and have considered the Jolida amps before too

I am also happy to buy things used, online. I have already put a search on eBay!


I also agree on the annoying LEDs - thanks for the tip.

Here is a tip in return - have you seen this, I have used them to solve annoying LEDs before:

That's a great tip for display LEDs at a reasonable price, although it won't solve the problem with LEDs imbedded in the tube sockets of something like the FX10. You can try painting the LEDs with dark nail polish to dim them but that wasn't enough relief for me.

My solution to the display issue of other components came from another modification I needed to make, putting a strip of sun filtering film along the top of motorcycle helmet shields.

I bought a huge roll of very dark vinyl-cling window film and cut strips to fit over the top inch of the visors on my helmets. Had many square feet left over to cut pieces to place over any too-bright displays on my audio and video components.
I'd consider a nice little tube integrated like Jolida FX-10 and a pair of Triangle Titus.