Nola Contender? Martin Logan Electro Motion ESL?

My question is not about a comparitive evaluation of the above speakers, but simply this: Has anyone spent some time auditioning either the NOLA "Contender" or the Martin Logan ESL Electro-Motion speakers.

They are not equal in price....the NOLA speakers in question retail for $3500; the Martin Logan ESL is $2100. Both speakers were the buzz among reviewers at Janaury 2011 CES.

Need some input about performance of either or both to see if they have lived up to their hype.
I grabbed a pair of the ESL's about 4 weeks ago.
They are not fully "run in yet", but the synergy between my Wadia cdp, VTL LS5.5, and VTL 185 signature mono's work splendid in my man cave.
I came from a Klipsch RF 7 series set up, and they don't appear to handle the surround formats as well as the Klipsch (about 12db less efficient than Klipsch) nor are they as dynamic (which may also be due to the efficiency) but they crush the Klipsch in 2 channel for their speed, accuracy, and tonal balance are untouchable.
I listen to John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Dave Mathews, Ray Charles, and the instruments and vocals, as well as bass and drums are so life like..... The Klipsch werent bad at 2 channel, but there was a lot of detail I was missing as far as sounds ending and new ones beginning. The ML's handle the transients with great finnese. I bought a pair of ML Source a little over a year ago after seeing the TAS Golden Ear Award, and I have been sold on ML every since.
I now use the Source as surrounds, the ESL's as fronts, and grabbed a Motion C for the center.
I have yet to calibrate my surround set up for I want to get more run time on my ESL's (and center) but am convinced I went the right direction based on 2 channel listening alone. I can run the throttle up a little to get the dynamics in surround mode when the Packers go through the playoffs, and win another super bowl.
Best of luck in your endeavour, hope this helps,
Interesting combo of components. I looked for months for a VTL5.5 pre-amp, but always was beat out or just missed the sale. However, I have a Bel Canto Pre3 line stage which I like more more each day.

I want to ask if you think the ML Source is a better speaker than the new Electro-Motion ESL. I heard the ESL's back in OCTOBER IN A SHOWROOM IN Los Angeles, and liked them a lot, but not enough to replace my current major speakers. The ESL surely would have fit better in my room just as long as I do not have to pull them out 4 ft or more from the wall......

Not a Pac fan, but don't believe there is a team in the NFL that can beat them.....Thanks for answering my thread. i will have to give the ESL's another listen
I wondered yesterday while listening how the Electro Moion compare to the Source, but am working on getting the Motion's fully broken in before putting them to a side by side test.
I am not done yet for I am just putting the finishing touches on my newly built man cave. The Mrs wants new furniture upstairs so I may end up with a few more pieces down there which will change things a bit.
Our walk out goes on to a patio (this spring) which opens in to my 20x24 mancave, and the thinking is my set up will provide realistic tunes while on the patio, or do the trick for some serious set down listening.
I will chime back in when the Motion are fully loosened up and I do a "head to head".
Wow i didnt know that DUDES.