Nobsound springs - load range

I want to try out the Nobsound springs as damping footers (mainly under my mono blocks and my streamer). I ordered a first set of them and now I wonder about the amount of springs to put in for different weights of equipment.I remember one post that said it works best when 50% compressed (was it @millercarbon?).

I measured the compression of the springs, it takes ~2.5 kg per spring to compress it to 50%. Based on 50% compression target, this yields the following sweet spot configurations (only stable ones, total equipment weight):
- 3 units, 3 springs each: 22.5 kg
- 4 units, 3 springs each (or 3 units, 4 springs each): 30 kg - 4 units, 4 springs each: 40 kg
- 3 units, 6 springs each: 45 kg
- 3 units, 7 springs each: 52.5 kg
- 4 units, 6 springs each: 60 kg
- 4 units, 7 springs each: 70 kgLoad can be considerably higher than expected (somewhere I read about 36kg, which is presumably for 4 units).

Any comments?What about ~10 kg streamer, seems to be too light to compress the springs enough? Does anyone have experience with Nobsound springs under light equipment like this?
Based on your experiences: Would you even dare to put an 80kg floor standing speaker on Nobsound springs?
Must be jelly, jam don't move like that.
I went to a granite fabrication company and had them cut pieces that fit my components. Granite is a very dense natural stone that dissipates vibrations. I have placed very sensitive instruments in the component to dude the vibrations when playing music and there is none.
Granite rings like a bell. How you managed to get some and set it up and not notice, ... wait a minute. Dude the vibrations?!?! Nevermind. The dude abides.

Granite sounds terrible. 4 x Nobsound springs with 1 spring in each under my 13 pound phono amp work well.