No Stereophile review for Aragon Palladium II?

I have demoed this amp off and on for the last several years. Never was able to plunk the cash down for a new pair until now. I know its an excellent product, and everyone else knows its an excellent product. So how come I can't find any reviews on it? I'm about to take the plunge here and grab a pair on closeout before the whole Aragon line gets its facelift for next year. I like to also grab all the documentation I can find on the products I buy--for future reference. Anyone have any links?--Input? Also, anyone think I should wait for the new amps?
Whether or not a product is reviewed is immaterial to one basic fact: Are you happy with it. Don't fall into the trap where the opinion or judgment of someone else is perceived to be better than yours. Keep in mind that a review is very subjective and dependent on many factors such as associated equipment and listening space. What works for one persons' setup and preferences may or may not work for yours...

Also, just because Stereophile does not review a product in no way invalidates any decision you make. There are hundreds of audio products - not to mention product updates and a constant flood of new ones - so it is practically impossible to review them all in a timely manner. Usually, a product's web site will have all (favorable) reviews posted.

Visit a dealer who sells Aragon. Ask for literature, setup opinions, whether to wait for the new models, etc. They'll be happy to to offer help.
No dealers remain in my area. Also, the new Klipsch site for Aragon lists only a snippit from one review. I want to see some actual graphs and bench numbers, such as Stereophile normally provides. I too feel that Stereophile misses out on some awesome products, and I am buying the amps because they sound great--plus the great price. However, I was just curious if the learned group out here has any good info about the new stuff coming out--or some cool stories about the Palladium IIs that you won't find written down. I've seen the pictures of the new stuff on the Klipsch site and I must say I like the look of the older Palladium better.
Aragon never really had money to advertise and play the same game as the mass production companies.When Paul Rosenberg sold Mondial to Klipsch,and influx of cash was gained.Klipsch obviously is seriously throwing money into the former Mondial lineup.The fact you cannot find reviews on certain Aragon products in no way relates to an inferior product.Quite the contrary.Most of the high end Aragon has been considered the poor man's Krell.The Palladium IIs can give any Krell a run for the money at a much more reasonble cost.If you are getting them at a good price go for it.
I would agree with Sattothestars. Aragon, and its sister Acurus, are overengineered products that put their money into the innards of their products rather than the faceplates and deliver excellent value for the money (an engineer friend of mine, non-audiophile, bought an Acurus DIA after I suggested he give it a listen for that reason as well as the sound). I think if you like the amps, by all means get them, they certainly are well-made.
Check Audioreview. I have an 8002 aragon amp, I it's the best piece of audio equipment I've owned.