Nitty Gritty has closed

Just found out that Nitty Gritty is no longer.  I guess the owner suffered a stroke and couldn't continue.  

I was a Nitty Gritty dealer many years ago and always had good service from them.

Sad to hear this.
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Sorry to hear about his health issues. His machines cleaned a lot of vinyl over the years. A thousand or so (several times over) in my house alone. 
Yes, that's very sad news, Mofi.  A few years ago I dealt with the woman who ran the company in recent times, in connection with a repair and overhaul I needed on my Nitty Gritty machine that has now served me well for 25+ years.  She was a pleasure to deal with, and a genuine class act.  I hope she's doing ok.

-- Al
Al, it was Gayle that had the stroke. 

Here is the legacy from the website:

They gave me great service a few months back, very helpful people. That is a shame!
 I had my 1.5 repaired last year. Gayle was great to deal with.
Update on this story: Nitty Gritty is not out of business. The company was sold to , I think, one of the employees in 2018. just got off the phone with them, and they are still in business.
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Guys, this story goes back almost 2 years ago. At the time, Nitty Gritty was indeed no longer.

Now, if since 8/18/2017, Nitty Gritty has since been bought/reopened GREAT, but the news was correct at the time...

See here for validation:
Although I don't know him personally, being familiar with many of his posts here I would consider anything reported by Mofimadness to be gospel, as of the time it is written.

And thanks to Peporter for the good news.  Here is further information:

-- Al
Thanks for the kind words and update to the Nitty Gritty situation Al. 
I have owned Nitty Gritty since 1988 and washed more than 5,000 vinyls, both mine and my friends; replaced the anti-adherent gasket in the suction mouth a couple of times and nothing more.

Indestructible machine that currently still works very well.