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How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
For me, it's real simple: Drop the needle on "Live From Deep in the Heart of Texas, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen" and crank it up to where conversation isn't possible, close your eyes and just listen to the musicianship. You should be... 
Position of a 32" X 19" X 19" equipment rack.
That's pretty much what I had anticipated. Fortunately, I have some long high quality interconnects from a bi-amped system I had years ago. I will do it both ways that you suggest and go with what sounds best to me. Thanks for your reply, and as t... 
What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?
Goin’ Down-Jeff Beck GroupLive From Deep in the Heart of Texas-Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen-The whole album!Recycled-Nektar-side 1Subdivisions-Rush-A Show of HandsCowgirl in the Sand-Neil Young and CrazyhorseSong For America-KansasSka... 
Should I fix it and sell it or sell it as is? Mark Levinson No. 331
@ebm,, g_nakamoto, and scorpio 1951, as roberjerman says, maybe someone who is handy with a soldering iron might be interested in a good deal. I have no interest in tearing into it. Even if I shipped it off to the service center I have no interest... 
Why HiFi manufacturers don't make active crossovers anymore?
Great discussion!! You guys sent me looking through some of my older gear and i dug up a Pioneer Series 20 D 23 4 way crossover I bought years ago. My thinking then was to construct a speaker system using Kenwood LO-7M amps for the subs and 3 othe... 
Regarding prev discussion "Does your CD player not play all the way to the end of the cd?
lowrider57, the two CDPs in question are a recently serviced California Audio Labs and a brand new Marantz ND8006 Network CDP. The trouble comes from long playing discs. I thought maybe a stand alone transport would provide the stability that seem... 
Does your CD player not play all the way to the end of the album?
Tanks solx2, I needed that...... Yes, elizabeth7, they are longer cds. The odd thing is I have an older Samsung Blu Ray player that doesn't have any problems with them at all.  
Does your CD player not play all the way to the end of the album?
Elizabeth7, i can understand that issue on my older CD player, but the Marantz isn't a month old and still does it. I agree it must be a mechanical issue though.  
Nitty Gritty has closed
Update on this story: Nitty Gritty is not out of business. The company was sold to , I think, one of the employees in 2018. just got off the phone with them, and they are still in business. 
If you had $1,400 , A TTable thing
Thanks for the reply. Am putting it on an AR-ES1 with a Sumiko MMT arm and a Merrill subcarriage. Have not run it since the Merrill was added. It replaces an old Grado cart that was well regarded in its day. This is my idea of a low dough show....... 
If you had $1,400 , A TTable thing
schubert and bstatmeister327, are you referring to the Nagaoka 150 stereo cartridge? Sure hope so because I just ordered one, and , frankly don't know anything about them.  
Precision Fidelity M-7A power amp problems
Did you repair it yourself, or send it out? If you sent it out, who to? Thanks for the reply. 
What unknown musical artist would you like to share with your fellow audiophiles?
First, thanks to three_easy_payments for re-kindling my affection for Crack The Sky. The Youtube videos are off the hook! Just ordered 2 copies of For Catherine. If you are from the Chicago area, Mr. Blotto is no stranger to you. They usually head... 
Outer ring - who uses and what are your findings
melm233 posts07-13-2018 10:51amI also have a VPI with an older acrylic-lead platter that I wouldn’t change. So I opted for a 2.5 lb. 3rd party ring. It is a TTW ring; they’re out of business now, but there's still a reasonably priced vendor.... 
Bluesound Vault 2
Can you add vinyl to the Bluesound Vault 2, and if so, how?