NHT Classic Two?

I've been searching around, but haven't found much information on these. There is a good bit of material about the Absolute Zeros and Classic Threes, but not much on the Twos.

I run a Squeezebox Touch through an XDA-1 going to an NAD C162 pre with an Aragon 2004 amp. The speakers I'm running right now are System Audio SA505s and they sound great. They just don't do loud very well, especially with rock. They seem to get thick and congested when I crank them up.

Due to very limited placement options, I am also limited to the physical size of the speakers that I can use and the NHT Classic Twos seem like they will work out pretty well, in terms of size. I'm looking at these because the limited info I've found on them indicates that they play well with NAD gear and they also play pretty loud.

Does anyone have any experience with these Classic Twos?
The Classic Two's are OK sounding. I found NHT's previous line, the SB series, to be overall smoother and more 3D sounding. I have owned the SB2 and the Classic Two and am very familiar with the SB1.

When comparing the SB2 to the Classic Two, I found the SB2 more musical ... the Classic Two seemed to be designed with HT in mind. Both speakers were used with NAD 320BEE and Prima Luna Prologue 2 integrated amps and a Rega Apollo CD player.

I would look at the Rega RS1 or R1, if you can find a discontinued sale. Very musical, good bass, good with most music types. There are the Energy RC10s. If you can swing the extra cash and slightly bigger cabinet size, the Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1 are excellent.


Thanks for the insight. I guess I'll just have to keep looking around. What I should do is just bite the bullet and get something really nice. I went to my local shop and they had models of Harbeth and Spendor, both of which meet my size requirements. I suppose I should just save some more.