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Anyone heard of our know anything about a device call USB Disrupter? There is the websites info and rave customer reviews but was wondering if anyone on here has used one, if they work etc. They supposedly block USB noise from a computer.
@luvrokin - what’s the problem with USB?

1. if the DAC utilizes the USB power supplied by the computer

1a. the power can fluctuate as the hard drive and other parts of the computer draws power - you need a separate power supply like the one from Enercell

1b. you need to use a twin-lead USB cable to prevent noise being induced into the digital signal conductors - like the Doukmall cable

2. if the DAC does not utilize the computers USB power then a quality USB will suffice - the disruptor will not be required

I believe the USB Disruptor simply provides clean power - so if you still use a normal USB cable you still have the issue mentioned in 1b it will only fix part of the problem i.e. 1a.

As you can see the cable and power supply mentioned above will do a complete job for less money

Google for "usb galvanic isolation".  I suspect this usb disruptor is just another variation of these galvanic isolation modules.  Nothing new.
No first hand use info but he was booted from the computer audiofile board some time ago.
If you isolate the noise generated through the USB cable via Galvanic Isolation or similar (USB Disrupter) what would give better sound quality Bluesound Vault 2 Streamer or a MacBook via USB, both into external DAC?
Generally, galvanic isolation is used for devices such as laptops.  Their power supplies, when plugged into A/C, are not good and can cause major hum/buzz from 60hz a/c.  This is where galvanic isolators are valuable.  If you don't have this problem, it's better to avoid the isolator modules and focus on a really good USB cable. USB interface is highly dependent on timing of clock signals and you don't want anything in the middle that could cause timing problems or degradation of signals.  If you want to try to improve USB audio, your better off getting a USB reclocker, such as Wyred 4 Sound "Recovery" product.
auxinput, sometimes I use a MacBook and I don't experience and and buzz or hum which I guess is good. I don't quite understand the timing or clocking issue you mention. How would I know if that's a problem? I'll need to research and learn a bit.

anything really (as long as it is not made out of Chinese drywall) - put your $$ into a reclocker as per above and look at or test the offerings from Uptone Audio (no affiliation)

Anker makes a good USB cable as do others

all you need is to get the stream of bits transferred and not get so much noise that bits are altered, and avoid gnd loops

digital is not analog...