Multibit DACs in new or newish CD Players

Subject to my being able to break into the family vault and sneak out with US$10k-US$15k, I would like to upgrade my very old and trust Philips/Marantz CD-80. It is a heavily modified unit, done by the previous owner. It has served me well but the time has come to put it out to pasture (whirring transport and other minor niggles).

I have heard some, but not all of the players with some of the latest generation DACs and to my plastic ears, they dont make music like my trusty Garrard does. While my CD-80 is no comparison, it at least lets me forget about the medium that it is being played through - a big thing for me as I am not a gear hound.

Therefore, what current production machines have multibit DACs - such as the 1541A and PCM63? It doesnt have to be these particular chipsets but definitely multibit era as I feel their priorities were still right back then.

I know of Zanden with their DAC and Player (pushing the boat out on my budget) and also Resolution Audio with the Opus.

I am in no rush and would rather take my time to find the right machine (new or second hand) as I intend to keep it for a good few years.

Apologies to the computer audio crowd as technology is a means and not an end for moi. But heck, if it can do computer audio as well, I would not say no.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
Esoteric D-05 DAC, SA-50 SACD/CD Player/DAC/Preamp. Its DAC can be used with music server as it has hi-rez digital inputs as well as USB; may be other Esoteric models.

My friend bought SA-50 and sent to modification to Alex Pechev where Alex remove their DAC and uses the latest and probably the best 32 multi bit D/A -AK4399 with his analog stage and power supplies. All together, I suspect less then $10k and probably much better then anything up to $15k available on the market today. Retail price of SA-50 is only $5k

All The Best
Sony XA5400ES...superbly musical for $1100 street price. Mods being offered by VSE and Modright if you would feel compelled to enhance it's performance...I do not:O)
Speaking for myself, I was curious to see you mention Zanden. I own the Zanden DAC Signature (s/hand). I compared it to DCS Elgar Plus, Emm CDSA, Wadia top of line (from 2 yrs ago), ARC CD7, Krell 505, Weiss Medea. To my ears, I prefered it for its effortless ability to play music. Plus, I wanted a DAC (vs a player), so it could take computer files. I am aware of the 'compromise' I am making in only be able to handle 16/44.1 files. But I also know I can always store my files in whatever hi-rez format I want and 'downscale' them into the Zanden...until I find a hi-rez DAC I like better than the Zanden. But for now, I will say that the Zanden makes music out of 16/44.1 to my ear better than anything I have had a chance to hear (above).

If you get Zanden, use an Amperex 7309 tube in the DAC, or use the JAN Phillips that often comes stock...but add an EAT Tube damper (19 bucks).

Good luck!!!