Newbie needs advice

I have a Quad 34 pre-amp, Quad 306 power amp, Cerwin Vega VS-10 speakers and a pair of Vestax PDX 200 turntables. I also use a Vestax PMC-06 mixer which also works as a pre amp for the turntables. The mixer also has bass, treble and loudness controls. I also have the Mardaunt Short Alumini 9 is the subwoofer.

As you can see I have a DJ set up along side the vintage amps. My question is, how does the Quad sound quality compare with more up to date amps out today. I know everyone says if it sounds good to you then be happy, but I just like to know someones opinion with more experience. Is it worth me upgrading the Quads or would i get better sound quality with another amp.

I hope i'm not making an ass of myself asking these question.

Look forward to your replies

Very diverse question, and i'm sure your get diverse answers. You'll just have to try another amp and see if it rings your bell.
The Quads are still quite decent; I would put the money into different speakers but then CVs were never my favorite speakers. I don't know anything about your turntable or mixer so can't advise on them. Sit down and listen to your system and make a list of what you like about it and what needs improving. Then think about what you need to change to make the improvement you want.
Agreed. Better speakers first no doubt. Perhaps better cartridges too, I don't know, you didn't mention them.
"I hope I'm not making an ass of myself asking these questions."

You're not defending Bose, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. has a nice article on the Quad 306.

Since your Cerwin Vegas are very efficient you may be disappointed with your amplifier's 50 watts when connecting it to less efficient speakers.
The CVs are OK to keep for DJ use. Nobody is going to make any cracks about 'imaging' or 'transcendent highs'. They wanna BOOGIE.

I'm not familiar enough with the Quad amps, but if they don't run hot or clip, they should be fine. You might want more power, for larger spaces, but I don't know much about the 'pro' amps like Crown or Beheringer.
CVs are traditionally very good at turning electricity into sound, so if you go in the direction of other speakrs, you'll almost have to get much more power.
Inna - I'm using ortofon concordes on the turntables.

I feel the cerwin Vegas at this are the weak link in my set up and definately need to upgrade them.

Any advice on speakers that are known for nice clear tops yet nice and bassy?

And also a bit if advice on the Quads. Can I do much better, or maybe get them serviced and upgraded?

Many thanks

You can do better, it just takes money. Something like the current Krell 300 series integrated [ S designation I think, not the AV amp] would be a big step up and drive just about anything you would ever use. Cost would be $1600 to $2000 depending on whether NIB or used. The best choice would be to choose a new speaker first; choice is so wide I wouldn't recommend anything without knowing your taste better.
Thanks your all your advice.

Stanwal - When you say not recommending anything without knowing my taste better I'm assuming we are talking musical taste (newbie remember) :)...If this is the case I am a Mowtown, rare groove, rock, funk, soul and hip hop listener. I like the sound bassy yet i crave clarity, the tops must me crystal.

I dont get the chance to sample other systems so I am trusting you guys just to guide me in the right direction, I will do the rest.

That is what I meant; I like the British monitor sound myself which is focused on voice and small groups playing mainly acoustic music so my advice on speakers would not be that good for you. You should focus on ones with a high maximum output; something like the Kliptch [can't spell this morning] Heresies if they are still around.
These would be fine with the Quads.
Post didn't work; it is a pair of Klipsch Heresie 3s NIB for $1300. Max sound level of 116 db and quite efficient.
thanks....I will check them out!!! :)
It's spelled Heresy.
Doobie doobie newbie.