Newbie McIntosh Question for MX118 Pre Amp

I'm piecing together my first system and I believe I made mistake number one! I bought an MX118 for a turntable I purchased and there is no phono input. Is there any way around this or an additional component I can buy that would allow a turntable? Or do I need to just buy a different pre amp?
You need to buy a phono preamp.
All is not lost. Keep the MX118. Check the listings for a
separate phono preamp and all you have to do is plug it in
an aux input of the MX118. If you are using a mc cartridge
make sure the phono preamp can accommodate it,if your
cartridge is a mm or high ouput mc then there is no problem.
If you don't want to buy used there are plenty of
inexpensive ones you can get.