M Scaler Dave settings question

I'm not sure how to read the M Scaler Quickstart Output Sample Rate (OP SR) Settings (page 4.5) for optimal settings with Roon/M Scaler/Dave. 

I run Roon Nucleus Plus USB to M Scaler.  M Scaler to Dave is BNC.  

Dave settings are Double BNC 1/DSD Plus/HiFi ON.  

The left column for OP SR settings in the Quick Start manual is SAMPLE RATE FREQUENCY with five ranges from 44.1-48kHz to 705.6-768.kHz. 

My RH column would be DUAL BNC/USB.  

Assuming my Dave settings are correct, what M Scaler OP SR setting/color is optimal, and should I change depending on source recordings?   

F'rintance: I'm listening to a 44.1/24 bit recording in Roon with my Dave set to 705.6.kHz on the Dave.  

Do I follow the 44.1-48kHz column to the 44.1 DUAL BNC/USB INPUT column to determine which OP SR setting to use - which appears to be WHITE if I read the chart correctly? 

IOW the SAMPLE FREQUENCY column corresponds to the SOURCE data for a given recording on Roon.  

Next question is about Upsampling vs Lossless  in Roon DSD settings using M Scaler.  Stay with Lossless or does Upsampling improve SQ with M Scaler Dave. 

Thanks all and be safe.  

Hello cantorgale, with the M Scaler the output to the DAC should be up-
sampled regardless of input rate.
All upscale is done after Roon (source bitrate).
Roon only lists original file resolution.
The filters are a matter of preference with Incisive ( white ??? ) being the most resolving.
The filter settings are selectable on the fly. (whichever effect is preferable).
Generally the filter effect is more for overall system sound balance but you use any setting with any file.
You should be using the DAC setting (Pre Amp mode, Amp / Headphone,
and DAC).
The M Scaler could also be set at any level or selected for max output.
Also check settings in Roon for output.

@reo230 Very helpful, Thanks.  Thinking of settings as filters makes sense as I used to own the Qutest.