New to SET - Help in all areas

I have made the decision to go from high power/high current to a SET system. Like many people here, I have a tendancy to change out components (and now a system concept as a whole). I am coming from Krell FPB 300C going into Wilson Watt/Puppy's with a tubed Calypso preamp. I love this set-up, but alas it is going, going, gone in a move to SET.

I just don't know these components as well, but do understand that system/component matching is even that much more important. I read in various threads that I gain a lot in the midrange and loose in the bass and high frequencies. I also have read (multiple times) that such set-ups do not perform as well with rock, complex, etc. . . music.

Since I am starting from scratch, I am hoping to end up with a system that reduces the impact of loosing out on the complex and rock music (as much as possible) while at the same time still achieving good high freq. performance. I have a REL sub that I can use to support the bottom octaves (should I deem it necessary).

I don't want to give up a good sound stage, with some decent depth, width, height and focus.

What amp and speaker combos can you (based on personal experience and trial and error) recommend most for my goals? I am keen on the Zu Druids, based on a lot of what I have read about them, but am open to other suggestions if they are not limiting in my goals.

I am also open to the different type of SET amps (300B, 45, 845, 2A3, etc. . . ). Finally, if anybody in the midwest has a SET system and wouldn't mind me stopping in, I would greatly appreciate it. I am in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Thanks so much in advance for your advice and recommendations. I know I will get replies as to everybody is different (I know), what's your budget (varies, but it seems like I can get a good system for a couple of thousand, and even less). Room? Not the best, it is about 12 X 14 or something like that. No I don't listen at super high levels. I am hesitant to buy something that I then need to have heavily modified. Yes, I would prefer to buy used. I want to avoid buying components that have known reliability issues. I have owned tubes before (amps and preamps). I AM VERY OPEN (PREFERED) TO AN INTEGRATED AMP!
Single driver, back or front loaded horn or transmission line is normally the best match for a SET amp. Driver such as lowther and fostex with high(ish) efficiency is needed, especially if young or for 300B or 2A3s. The choice of speaker will make or break your SET experience.

Get rid of the sub – you don't want to contaminate the sound.

Dehavilland makes some of the best SETs out there IMO and they go well with the ZU loudspeakers.
Have Wavelength 45 Customs, 2 throbbing watts into Beauhorns with Lowther dx-4s. Have no idea what Paully means about contamintating sound. I use a TacT to intregrate stereo subs and tame the upper mid rise of the Lowthers.

Who, Little Feat, Arrowsmith, Red Hot chili Peppers, even Ted Nugent (my secret shame) can tear down the house, but Laura Hunt on 45 RPM sounds great and chamber music does just fine. "Firebird Suite" is like a physical contest and reminds me of my days playing principal trumpet in front of the trombone section/sheer horsepower without strain.

30 years in and dozens of speakers, thousands of Watts, ss and tube, etc. under the bridge and this is one of my three best systems and by far the simplest.

Zu's are okay, but you may not be able to go 45 or 2a3's, may have to stick to 300b. Be careful, as the speaker is the ticket.

BTW, Beauhorns STINK without careful placment and stereo subs, IMHO.

If you go with Coincident speakers, you won't lose anything, bass or highs. Mine can make 7 watts sing or scream painfully.
Not sure if this fits your budget, but I've had exceptional luck for a very long time with Cary 805C's. I've been through a number of speakers with them including Quad ESL-63s, Gallo Ref 3s, Zu Druids, and currently, Harbeth Compact 7s. The Harbeths are by far my favorite. My musical preferences tend toward lots of classic rock and 90's alternative. I've considered updating the Harbeths to HL-5s, but the Compact 7s would be tough to improve. They also fit well with my current room size (10 x 12). I've tried using ultra low powered SETs with a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls in my 2nd system. So far, I prefer an SET amp with real-world power feeding a more conventional speaker. Good luck in your search.
I have the Zu Essence (and had the Druid). Unless you are intending to make ears bleed in a very large room I think the Essence will work well on just about any SET system. I have 45, 2A3 and 300B amps and they all work well with the Zu products. The Zu low frequency is actually much better than I expected and the new ribbon tweeter helps with clarity on the top end. The Wife acceptance factor is also pretty good - it does not need the floor space of horns. If you listen to a lot of complex Rock, I'd recommend a 300B SET.
Have heard some Wyetech 211 monoblocks with a coincident speaker. The wyetech are 45 watts/per and give plenty of power and focus. No other amp, so far, has been able to do what they do. Not cheap, even used, as I bought the ones I heard. With my Focus 20/20 not a great match BUT still better than previous tries by far. Am now looking towards Coincident for speakers for a better match.
Alternatively... and just a Oh, by the way, way, a pair of Thor PA 30 monos and the right tubes in the preamp you own already will open up your speaker choices, and provide you a whole lot of that SET sound.

Paul Marks has gone down the road somewhere now, but the gear he made is very very good, and most reliable. using EL34s like no one else has, the sound is beguiling .... even on VSA VR 4JRs with 89db 6 ohm.

It's one of those sounds you simply do not forget... I haven't and it's been 5 yrs. now. Uncommon looks, superb build, 2 EL34S per, and bias on the fly via on board meters.... and now, as it's no longer a current production item... these great amps are going for way cheap.

Mono blocks, giving SET like sound with some power, and with a tube compliment that doesn't cost your first born to re-tube.

Just a thought. I'd get a pair of them if I could see to bias them.
I live in MI. also and use a SET amplifier.I have gone from solid state to push pull tube amps but in my opinion the SET have provided the most live music like experience thus far(of course YMMV).i`m using the Coincident Statement, linestage,FrankensteinMK2 amplifiers(300b tube) driving Coincident Total Eclipse2 speakers.The sound is effortless,natural dynamic and with good bass (not over damped as some prefer) and sweet and airy high frequencies. We all hear audio differently but man, this is my cup of tea.