New Thread on Steve Hoffman website that says Audiogon sucks

The funny thing is I feel the say way about the Hoffman site. I think it sucks!
Nonoise, I am quite certain that vaccine issue is (at least in some extent) a ’political’ (in lack of better term) thing.
Than again, I am quite certain that disussion about it should not be held on audiophile forum (or at least should have a ’special thred’ if allowed by moderators, which I doubt)
I guess audio is part of life used to escape from reality, draging such ’discussions’ in it would be a ’crime’
All the best,like you say
alexatpos, I disagree. We had a very long thread on Covid and the vaccine that allowed (for the most part) for some spirited discussion. It eventually closed because some had their fee fees hurt. It was the usual dish it out but can't take it crowd.

Maybe you should point your comment on what should be allowed towards constitutionalist since he brought it up, which begs the question, would you have said anything if no one replied in the negative to his screed?

All the best,
Nonoise, I have no wish to be drown in any kind of disscusion where its participants very likely suffer from cognitive dissonance. (no matter what is the subject of discusssion)
This is by no means an offens to you, just an explanation of purity of my motive for commenting on this thread

I believe that we all have opinions, but discussions about covid or vaccines should be left to people who are experts in that field.

Now, that is excatly why I claim that 'all of this' is a 'political thing' among all other subjects.
On every other subject, at least in western world, it is possible to have a discussion, no matter what your position is. 
There should be no more dogma about anything and that should be even more clear in the science.

And yet, we all witness that different opinions (not yours or mine) but the ones that are backed with scientific data and approach, together with their authors, are beeing censored, attacked, ridiculed or other, or in the name of 'higher cause' that is presented by establishment.

That fact exactly and unmistakably shows that 'all of this' is a political thing as well

Now, dont get me wrong. I do not doubt that covid is real, but I strongly doubt the way it is 'handled' (to say at least).

As for your last question, I see no difference between ways that constitutionalist or you express, it is just that his words have no conection with anything in my personal world, so I had no reason to reply on anything he says.
Yours, on the other hand, address something that affect us all, thought that such naive claims should be not left unanswered.

Again, all the best
For those of you out there attacking me, it's ok, say what you will.  I have been on the Hoffman forum for many years and people that are not as familiar with the forum need to know if they plan to post on that forum your political views MUST line up with hard core left San Francisco political views.  

Most people on the forum are extreme liberals, with a certain viewpoint.  I have sent this guy money for his forum before, but it was not until I started viewing the OFF TOPIC section of the Forum that I realized, he is doing away with anyone and everyone with a different viewpoint.

Here is how his system works.  You post something that one of his liberal members dislikes, and that member comes on and calls you a raving nut, much like what is happening to me here, and you defend your view, then several more liberal views are posted and BAM, your post is deleted and you are deleted, Hitchcocked, dropped, banned, you are the one that is gone, that is how Mr. Hoffman keeps his membership pure, and it just should not be that way, everyone should be heard if their point is made in a respectful way with no profane language.