New Thread on Steve Hoffman website that says Audiogon sucks

The funny thing is I feel the say way about the Hoffman site. I think it sucks!
His(and Kevin Grey's) ears suck!
After some comments about A'gon; mostly neg, some pos, this was posted...

From The Rules :
Unacceptable Post Content : •Criticism of other forums (Let’s take the high road.)  
I read many forums but audiogon is the one i like the most and its the only site i would do large purchases on for used or demo products. 
Different strokes; I like the SH forum for music, records, and music history. (It also has a good visual arts section, with a number of knowledgeable participants on film and tv history and technology). Not as gear-centric as the ’Gon. I don’t see any need to bash any forum; they all serve their audiences differently. (And some of Hoffman’s work is pretty good, sonically, in my estimation). 
PS: I found the thread on SH- Taters, the comments were directed to the new format, which other 'Gon users seem to have carped about here as well. 
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I concur w/ whart. User beware on SH Forums, it has a communist undertone, after all those guys are located in CA.
SH Forums, definitely not the place to discuss audio equipment. Lamp cord is just fine thank you, anyone who thinks different is an absolute idiot.
OK for music discussions, especially if you're into  Beatles minutiae ad nauseum