New speakers

Short list:
On the search for new (or used)speakers...

Room is 9x15-ish... equipment on long wall...

Current setup"

Sugden A48b
Rotel RCD 971
NHT 1.5
Energy ESW-V8 sub

Wish to replace the NHT's with a mor open sounding speaker. The NHT's sound closed in and a bit veiled in the midrange. Further, the treble is somewhat extended, but harsh and biting (i love extended treble, but not at the cost of harshness. My girlfriend can't STAND the treble).
Bass won't be an issue as I have the Energy sub dialed into the room quite nicely and will be keeping it.

Current short list:

Totem Arro
Totem Staff
Totem Hawks
StudioLab Reference 1
Epos M12.2 (NOT M12i)
Epos M15.2
Audio Physic Yara II classic
GMA Europa
Quad 12L

anyone chime in w/ what might work? I listen to everything under the sun and do not want to be restricted to 'audiophile recordings only'.

Thanks for any input.
If your systems bright, you might want to research Polk Lsi9
Don't let the Polk name discourage you,there good.Check the Stereophile review.
A totally different sound, but great speakers are B&W 602 series 3,forget the new one's they suck,dont ask me why...
I hear older snell bookshelves are good and smooth.
both should be around 500 bucks used give or take.
Good luck!
Might want to look into the Ohm Microwalsh Speakers. There is a thread that is on this first page about them. It is a different sound but one that I greatly enjoy. Large soundstage, big sweet spot (which is important for me as both my wife and I listen together), and not harsh. I also listen to a variety of music (classical, electronica, hip-hop, rock, etc.) and I found them to be a versatile speaker.
Gotta try the Energy RC-10 to go w/ that sub...or even on its own!

Audio Advisor is currently pricing the Rosenut version at $333.33 plus shipping - outrageous value at that price!

For some additional info, read the SoundStage review.

I got a pair in a trade-gone-wild and I'm not moving them out anytime soon : )
From your list, Totem Hawks. Excellent.
If you can, you might want to take a listen to the Dynaudio 140's. I have them in a room that is a little bigger yours 11x15 and they sound great. Excellent bass for there size and a sweet top end.
There are a pair of Meadowlark Audio Kestrels listed here. Although this pair may be priced a tad high, they are hard to beat for wide open sound in a small room. I have owned a pair of these for quite a few years. While many expensive speakers have come and gone, the Kestrels keep making beautiful sound.
No affiliation with seller.
Second the Ohm Micro Walsh Talls.
I "third" the Ohm Micro Walsh Tall's. I've owned both the Totem Arro (wanna buy my pair?) and the MWT handily bested them IMHO.