New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"

Santana has a new album out; since it's not quite jazz, and I'm not sure if it's Rock, I'll just throw it up for grabs and see who likes it.

Africa Speaks is inspired by music from the continent of Africa, and has been called a "unique fusion of rock, Latin and jazz". Many of the album's tracks were recorded in one take. The album features vocals from Spanish singer Buika.

Africa Speaks was released on June 7, 2019 by Concord Records and Suretone Records, but this is the first time I've seen it on "you-tube"

Since it has been hard for me to find anything by Santana that I didn't like, I'll refrain from expressing my biased opinion.

What do you think?

Nothing can ever beat anything from Woodstock for those who were in a "Woodstock frame of mind" at that time. Since I'm one of those individuals, I simply shove that comparison aside.

This is Santana's best ever; it has the maturity and vision that comes with age and wisdom. The more you listen, the better it gets. That statement is applicable for those who speak Santana's language and know where he's coming from.
After sampling this on A'zon I'll pass. Thanks for posting though - always looking for more good music.
Until and unless someone trustworthy tells me Santana has stopped compressing their music to death and gone back to the days of dynamically interesting albums like Abraxas, I will take a pass.

The closest anyone above comes is, "Don’t know why, but Africa Speaks took me right back to 1967." But that could mean anything.

Seriously, no one even thinks to comment on the way a once great talent completely sold out to the dark side? On an audiophile site? Circling the drain, we are.
Why is it titled 'Africa Speaks'?


With all due respect, I must say you may be overthinking this one. Abraxas is one of the all time greats, I agree, The new one is worth a listen at the very least.