New Rega R1 - Recommend an Amp?

I just purchased a set of Rega R1s from a seller here. Now I need an amp. This is for a bedroom stereo. I will pair this with a Rega P2 and a TBD CD player. Definitely need a phono preamp and headphone jack. No tuner or video needed.

I'm considering new or used. Does anybody on the forum own these speakers and have a recommendation?

I owned the Rega Ara (predecessor to the R1) and used them with two different amps ... a Prima Luna Prologue 2 (den system, tubes, no phono) and an Outlaw RR2150 receiver (bedroom system, solid state, phono). The Aras were excellent in both setups.

The great thing about the Regas is that they will compliment most amps that you pair with them. They can be placed close to rear walls. Have decent bass. They do well with QED Silver Anniversary speaker cables.

As for CD players ... the Rega Apollo, Music Hall CD25.2, or Cambridge Audio 540 or 640 will work out nicely.

Regards, Rich
Agree with Lenny on the CD players.

Because the R1's are very efficient and you are using them in a smaller room (I assume), you can get away with less power.

Here are some amp ideas:

-Marantz PM5003 - built in phono
-Onkyo A955 - built in phono - gets great reviews on here
-Rega Brio - why not make it a clean sweep?

-used Naim Nait 3 or 5 plus external phono amp

Or - get a Music Hall Trio with CD, Tuner, pre and amp all in one box - all would need to get is a phono pre amp - probably a quiet solid state unit like the ones made by Creek, Rega, Music Hall or Cambridge (the 640P). This system really sounds better than it has any right to.

Another all in one option is the Solo from Arcam which is great sounding and looking, but also pricy and requires an outboard phono preamp.
Cambridge Audio 540 and their Phono Stage
Nait 3 and stageline.
Thanks guys. I would like to keep this under $500 and as small as possible, so no external phono preamp.
Taller order.

-Marantz PM5003 - built in phono - NEW
-Onkyo A955 - built in phono -USED
-Rega Brio - USED

older Japanese solid state integrated or recciever with built in phono section from the 70's. Probably need to have some parts replaced to operate to spec, but many of these had wonderful phono sections and tuners. Can struggle a bit with bright digital sources.
Don't go too cheap with Rega R1's. The better the amp, the better they will sound. On the flip side, don't overspend on a bedroom system. That's why I went with the Outlaw RR2150. If that is out of the question, go with the something like the NAD C315BEE or 320BEE and the NAD phono stage.

Best regards, Rich
There is a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated currently for sale here on Agon. It has a phono stage. I had an A3.2 in the past; decent amp, and plenty for your application. I do not know the seller.
Thanks guys. Bought an NAD C325BEE, P2 Phono and C515BEE from Saturday Audio.
Good choice.