Tube amp recommendation for $1000

Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a used tube amplifier or integrated tube amplifier between 20 to 50 watts, and my budget is $1000 max.
There are lots of amps like Primaluna, Cayin, Cary Rocket 88, Conrad Johnson MV55 etc--too many choices; I'm confused and don't know which one to buy. I'm a solid state guy so I want something reliable and quiet. I hate amplifiers that are noisy either coming from the amp itself or hissing from the speaker. I listen mostly to female vocals and both classic and modern jazz. I'm looking for rich, involving sound which is at the same time neutral. Good bass and balance input is a plus. I need to hear from an oldtimer, if you had $1000, which one would you buy?
Check out Grannyrings review of McAlister amp,ive not heard it ,but sounds very interesting
Hi Royy,

I'm a young'ins, but it would probably help a lot if you could tell everyone what type of speakers the amp will be driving. Impedence curve determines amp performance with tubes much more readily than it does with SS.

Also, what type of preamp would you be using if you got an amp(s) instead of an integrated? has a Classe CA100 $695,also has classe preamp.
Check out the Quicksilver MiniMites (monos): 25 watts, accept a variety of tubes, are quiet, reliable, inexpensive to retube, and sound killer good. I own them and have been extremely pleased.
Look at Cary and their house brand AES - the SIx Pac is a great piece and you can find one well under $1K. Then you can spend a few bux tube rolling and have a bit of fun...
Don't overlook the Antique Sound Labs AQ-1001. It's sound fits your description, and can be had for ~$600 (at least the pre-remote version). Owned quite a few amps (including primaluna and jolida), but the ASL with JJ KT88s and good input tubes is my favorite. Very musical and works well with most speakers.
Onix SP3 new for 999 or used from about 600.00 best el34 push pull for the money. And very quiet for even efficient speakers.
Sounds like a tube amp is not for you - many of them make transformer noise, especially $1000 ones. I have an MV55 but it too makes a little noise.

The only amp I can think of that fits ALL your criteria is a McIntosh MC7100 which is a SS amp. Dead quiet and is quite rich sounding. It is actually more "tubey" sounding than my MV55.

But there are a zillion good choices - you are better off just buying and trying something rather than asking for opinions here! Good luck! Arthur

Now selling on A'gon for $899, I believe. Dead quiet. No balanced in, though.