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I cleaned 45 albums this morning, that's 90 sides! And a personal record on my VPI 16.5. I HATE cleaning albums. How about you, and what is the most you have cleaned at one session?
one. I'll listen to it, then clean another.
y.a.: >> ...what is the most you have cleaned at one session? <<
20 -30 max. I know when my legs start to buckle that I give it a rest.
It's why I do not feel bad about having only found 3-5 second-hand items, since its enough cleaning at a time.

Mind you, I'm also anal about those ragged record edges and HAVE TO have them cleaned up, smoothed over -- which I do during the scrubbing cycles :-)
Most cleaning in one session?

2 cars, a motorcycle, and a Weber grill.
45 dirty records?
Jaybo, those are used albums that I have bought and have yet to clean therefore haven't listened to them either - plenty more where those came from...
15 records at one time. That is mainly because I use the Walker Prelude 4 stepp system and once you mix the enzyme you need to use it relatively soon. I can't imagine 45. My 16.5 get hot and I mean HOT with 7 or 8. 45 and I think I would be 'splaining to State Farm what happened.
Hey Bill,
you need to think about servants man, get a gardener to wash your cars and Weber, and if you can't afford it, think moving to Africa :-)
I clean approximately 50 LPs at session. It takes me about 2- 3 hours because i double check everything and also put Last on both sides. My RCM is a VPI-17F and works beautifully. I do a DIY cleaning solution that I've been doing for 20 years or so. Works fine and I'm happy with the results. BTW: I always clean new records too. I'm convinced that cleaning is much better te my best friend's method of only using a damp (distelled water) cloth.
Wow 50 records! I don't think I could have made 46 - and the last 5 or so were rough...
>>08-03-09: Pops
Wow 50 records! I don't think I could have made 46 - and the last 5 or so were rough...<<

Perhaps your doctor should prescribe Vinylagra.
>>Perhaps your doctor should prescribe Vinylagra<<

I tried that but got blurred vision, loss of hearing and stylus VTA for more than 4 hours!
I really hope you wore some type of hearing protection. I sold my 16.5 because it was too loud, and shelled out insane money for a Loricraft. One person did come visit me and thought it was a keith Monks - which is cool that someone had some idea of what it was.
I usually clean about 4 or 5 and then take them for a spin. I may have topped out around 10 or so. Can't imagine any more than that.