New Oppo DV-980H or used Denon DVD-2910?

For 3 years I'd been using a Philips SA-963 CD/SACD/DVD player. After getting a 55" LCD RP HDTV, I added a Toshiba HD-D2 HD DVD player with HDMI upconversion. For music I still intended to use the Philips because: a) it does SACD, b) has analog 5.1 output, and c) both optical and coax digital output. The Toshiba just has optical digital out and stereo analog output. Recently the Philips stopped working, and the Toshiba is not really as exciting or dynamic a CD player, and can't play SACDs at all.

I'm on a tight budget, but I'm looking for a CD/SACD/DVD-A combo player to replace the Philips. For less than $200, it looks like I could get a used Denon DVD-2910 from eBay or a new w/warranty Oppo DV-980H. I'm also thinking that for conventional DVDs, the Oppo or Denon might also sound a tad better on soundtracks than the Toshiba.

What would you do, and would anyone care to comment on the Oppo's music-playing abilities?
I have two oppos, a 971 and a 981HD; both have wonderful pictures. I have no complaint at all as to the sound on movies, even with my EAD PM2000, Ovation plus, & thiel 2.3's, which can be intolerant of inadequate front ends...The 2910 no doubt has better build quality, and I imagine would have better sound. There are a lot of Oppo fans out there. But if I were to upgrade, I'd get a Denon 2930 or 3930i....Hope this helps...mb
Yes, I am asking the same question. I was even considering moving up to something in the used Denon 3910/Pioneer DV 79AVi range.

One nice plus to the Oppo is the HDMI 1.2 output, which will send the SACD DSD and DVD-A digital signals to the newest processors for decoding, thus not having to use analog connections and cables.
I have the 980 and couldn't be happier. These units are a steal with what they do at their price range IMO. You can order one for an in-home trial and if your not satisfied you can return it and only be out of your shipping cost, which isn't allot.

The 980's sound quality impressed me more than the picture, which is also excellent. I also have a Sony NS999ES and I prefer the Oppo to it for audio, especially with RBCD's.
Here's a hearty recommendation for a Denon 2910 or 3910. This same question was asked about a week ago. Browse through the forums.
Thanks, everybody. If cost were less of a problem, I'd probably get a factory refurbed 2910 w/full factory warranty. Since buying used, esp. over eBay can be risky with little recourse, I went for the Oppo DV980H for the factory warranty. Plus Jack_dotson's strong recommendation over the Sony ES (and I have a Sony SC-SA2000ES and know how good it sounds) convinced me I'll probably be very happy with the Oppo's sound quality. I have a cluster of Kimber Heroes and a JPS Superconductor SP/DIF to connect it to my Boston Acoustics AVP7 (same pre/pro engine as Sherwood Newcastle P-965 and Outlaw 990).

It's a sort of belated birthday present.
By the way, where Oppo used to be factory-direct only, in addition to availability from Amazon, you can now order the DV-980H from Music Direct.