New kid on the block affordable amp Rave

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Wells Audio Akasha amplifier

Doug gets extra points for enthusiasm.
I`ll get a chance to hear it in Las Vegas in a few weeks.Much depends on the reviewer`s bias and hearing perspective. Different sets of ears and listening priorities can lead to other conclusions.Doug`s approach and criteria is different from say Jack Roberts who reviews on the same site.I believe I hear things more along the lines of the latter.Not better or worse, just different.
Is this where Doug Schroeder's sensibilities really lie?

"In the same way, I didn’t feel like wasting time listening when I could be the first to introduce this amp to the world."

I hate Doug's reviewing style but it did spark an interest...

$4k MSRP isn't really affordable.
12-24-12: Marakanetz
$4k MSRP isn't really affordable.

No, it's not, for most folks.
I echo the comments on the price tag.
I was wondering which amps he was thinking of that cost several multiples of $4K that he was comparing this "affordable" amp to. Presumably people must be buying those more expensive amps if the shortened review article is honest