NEW dCS P 8i cd-player

I guess the rough times in economy forced dcs to launch a new integrated cdplayer with lower cost, 7000 english pounds. This player was on the sterophile show last month. Are there any users or testers or any feedback at all about it ?
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Is this why everyone is dumping thier stack?
Tabl10s, I don't understand your point.
There are a few DCS pieces for sale. I was wondering if this was a response to the CDP.
I thought the same thing.
Anyone who heard it and want to tell us how it sounds ?
Bland....will make you want to spin vinyl again. It homogenizes all your discs so they sound alike..lifeless and colored. Honest.
I saw one review of the unit: Hi Fi Plus...not particularily glowing nor critical...
heard it at the heathrow hifi show. admitedly under show conditions, but it was one of the better sounding rooms at the show. unfortunately, i can't remember what equipement it was partnered with...
I thought it sounded outstanding when I heard it. So I bought it. It was the first SACD player I had heard that also made Redbook CDs sound their best. It is a good example of "trickle down" technology, incorporating some of the lessons learned from the dCS stack. If you like the sound of the stack, I think you would like the sound of this unit. But I am biased, since I own it.